From Bizarre to Grotesque, Instagram Accounts That Will Make Your Skin Crawl

Most people expect to see a lot of different types of things on Instagram. A majority of folks go on Instagram to look for beautiful men and women. Instagram’s popularity is so far spread that even celebrities post their personal pictures on the social media site. While many people know about the glamorous side of Instagram, there is yet another side of Instagram that caters to those who gravitate towards the bizarre and macabre corners of social media. The following Instagram accounts might make your flesh crawl. NOTE: These photos are not for the faint of heart. You have been warned!


Okay let’s start off with one question: What in the world is a Mothmeister? Is this some type of hybrid of a moth and a meister? The Mothmeister Instagram page features everything for your eccentric needs. The main feature of the Mothmeister page is very simple. It combines creepy clowns and animals who were at one time among the living.


What do I mean by animals who were among the living? Just look at that cute creature with the creepy clown in the image. This page combines taxidermy with weird looking clowns and other weird individuals which makes for very unique photography.