From Bizarre to Grotesque, Instagram Accounts That Will Make Your Skin Crawl

Most people expect to see a lot of different types of things on Instagram. A majority of folks go on Instagram to look for beautiful men and women. Instagram’s popularity is so far spread that even celebrities post their personal pictures on the social media site. While many people know about the glamorous side of Instagram, there is yet another side of Instagram that caters to those who gravitate towards the bizarre and macabre corners of social media. The following Instagram accounts might make your flesh crawl. NOTE: These photos are not for the faint of heart. You have been warned!


Okay let’s start off with one question: What in the world is a Mothmeister? Is this some type of hybrid of a moth and a meister? The Mothmeister Instagram page features everything for your eccentric needs. The main feature of the Mothmeister page is very simple. It combines creepy clowns and animals who were at one time among the living.


What do I mean by animals who were among the living? Just look at that cute creature with the creepy clown in the image. This page combines taxidermy with weird looking clowns and other weird individuals which makes for very unique photography.


This particular account includes pictures of bloody and gory imagery, hence the name Jahgore.


This seems like more of an art based page that is modeled after the macabre and twisted mind of the account owner. Some of the images on the page differ from the main theme of the page which is bloody and pale images, such as a lady with a snake tongue and some type of clown headed thing which is probably a person wearing a puppet head. There is also an image of a person with a pig’s head and something that looks like the pig’s tail. The weird thing is that the pig’s tail is on the wrong end and “strategically placed,” as they say.


This is the official Instagram page of the TSA, otherwise known as the Transportation Security Administration. You may be asking why is the TSA in this particular article which is supposed to be based on things that are creepy and gory?


Just take a look at what was found by someone at the TSA. This gardening hoe was found in someone’s bag. Peer at this gardening hoe closely. These are the type of things that are found by the TSA on perhaps a daily basis. There are other things on the TSA Instagram page such as weapons, which include grenades, and all types of weird things people bring in their bags to airports.

@ jinushikeisuke

Most of the images that you have seen thus far have been gory and bloody, but there just happen to be many levels of creepiness on Instagram.


The jinushikeisuke Instagram account is such a page. This is the Instagram of Keisuke Jinush. It does not include a lot of pictures of clowns and taxidermy and anthropomorphic pig men with special tails, but this jinushikeisuke is the type of person that may creep you out. He has this strange smile in nearly every picture that he takes, and he gives off a very creepy vibe. There are pictures of this guy snuggling up with a person or eating something with a weird smile. A lot of his photos are close-up images of his face, which makes the page even creepier.


Some people deal with gore for a living. This is not to say that they engage in violent acts, but they are responsible for creating things that look gory and violent for your viewing pleasure. Kyle Huculak is such a person who does gore for a living.


Kyle Huculak is a makeup artist and an FX designer. His Instagram page is filled with made up mayhem that is to his benefit since he makes his living marking up masks and such to shock and horrify people. There are a lot of sickly looking creatures and goblin looking things on his Instagram page.


Another person that makes their living with the use of creepy looking people and the like is a lady by the name of Lizette Martinez. She is a makeup artist who uses her talent to make people either look their best or their worst.


Makeup artist are not just for making up people for glamour purposes. They can also do a makedown, I guess, if there is such a word. Lizette has some pretty creepy pictures on her Instagram page, including the grim reaper from the Scream movie, complete with the butcher knife. The knife was just thrown in for shock value.


Marc Clancy is another guy who works with the creepiest of clients. His clients consist of materials that make for gruesome looking monsters and the like. The unique thing about Mark Clancy is that he is not only a special effects artist, but he taught himself how to create these unique and utterly amazing special effects.


Mark Clancy is pretty well known in the world of gore and special effects. He has garnered the attention of many and has a following of 350k. If you decide to visit his site, please be advised that you would be better off not eating anything because there are some pretty gruesome effects on his Instagram page.

@ mindwarpfx

Is that an alien lying there, or is it just special effects? It is just a made-up alien which was created by Francois Dagenais. Francois Dagenais is the owner of MindWarp productions. MindWarp productions is a Toronto-based SFX studio that specializes in creating lifelike effects that range from humans to animals.


Another warning to the faint of heart. Please be prepared to bring a barf bag if you want to take a look at this page. I will even admit that my flesh started to crawl when I took a look at some of the special effects on this Instagram page. There are all types of hybrid human parts and other disgusting looking things on this Instagram account.


Zoe Armstrong is a makeup artist who makes awesome effects with her talents. She is from New Zealand and she has made a living creating some of the nastiest looking items when it comes to makeup and special effects.


Zoe’s page includes plenty of lovely lacerated hands and arms. There is even a picture of a little heart for those of you who are squeamish. All kidding aside, she has a lot of pictures of torn flesh and blood and puncture wounds that look so life-like it may make you barf. She is truly a talented artist and it shows on her Instagram page.


Parlourghosts is the Instagram page of a lady named Sandy. Sandy’s Instagram page is a lot easier on the stomach than the other previous people that have been featured in this article. Her page is more based on Gothic items and has a Gothic theme more than anything. If you are a fan of all things Gothic you may want to check out parlourghosts.


A majority of the pictures on her page are black and white. A lot of the images seem to be focused on the Victorian Era. She has a lot of photos of women from times past and also photos of some very beautiful architecture.


Have you ever seen a tattoo that was so bad, that it made you want to laugh? Tatto0fails caters to all of your tattoo fail needs. There are some people on this site who have tattoos covering their entire body and other attachments such as unusual piercings and spikes and horns. There are other tattoos that are not so opulent, but they are noticeable nonetheless.


Some of these tattoos were permanently put on people and they came out really bad. There is even a tattoo from when a lady was going to get married to a guy so he got a tattoo of her put on his arm. The tattoo ended up looking really terrible. The couple was very upset about the outcome of the tattoo and it made the news on several news stations a few years ago.


Have you ever seen something so bad, that it is good? Shavaunna is perhaps the most bizarre of all of the Instagram pages. It is a really unique page that is too funny to be true.


Shavaunna is a Barbie doll’s head with what looks like two hands underneath the head. The Shavaunna head has purple hair and a sadistic smile on its face. The head is put in all types of environments, such as the kitchen, in the bathroom, and even served on a tray. The head even appears in a jar of peanuts and at the grocery store.

@ cookingforbae

You may lose your appetite if you view this page. The Cookingforbae Instagram page is a twisted attempt to display food in a funny way. The page attempts to be funny but it comes out awkwardly to the viewer. You will see pictures such as a hot dog frank inside of a bowl of soup that has green broth. Some of the food items look okay, but some of them look outright disgusting.


Some of the items included are food that has been burned to a crisp. The theme of the site is supposedly a fail for people cooking for their mate.


There is an old saying that a person is only as old as they feel. BaddieWinkle is a grandmother or just an elderly lady who takes being youthful to an all new level.


BaddieWinkle poses in all types of clothing on her Instagram page. She poses in some clothing that is considered the norm, and some of her clothing is very sexy. She is pictured in go-go boots and latex in some of her pictures. She also poses in fur coats and bathing suits as well. She even goes as far as to twerk in some of her photos and takes a lot of silly pictures of her throwing up hand signs.


Taxidermy is pretty creepy by definition. You take an animal that has passed on and “stuff” the shell of the beast so that it can be preserved. There is a sentimental value to this for those who miss their pets and they want to hold on to the memory of that animal. Craptaxidermy takes taxidermy to another level.


Some of the photos on the site include animals with silly faces. There is one in particular featuring what looks like a wombat with a baby doll’s face inserted into the place of the former face of the animal. There is a hybrid of a duck head and torso attached to the body of a rabbit. You can definitely tell if it is duck season or wabbit season with this one.


The between.mirrors Instagram page has an assortment of odd images. The owner of the page seems to have an obsession with body parts, tentacles, and distorted figures.


There is this one picture that really stands out above the others on this page. There is a hand with a turkey head for a thumb. There is another picture that is so bizarre and freaky that it cannot be mentioned here. I will say that arachnids and humans have a special type of connection in the image. This page has other bizarre images such as a man with a gumball container for a brain, and a snowman with an angry look on its face.


The skull_kid_studio Instagram page is a mixture of comic book characters and butchery. This Instagram page includes such comic book icons as Wolverine and Deadpool. There are also horror icons such as Freddy Kreuger and Jason of Friday the 13th fame. The owner of the page is obviously a fan of Marvel comics and horror movies.


You may be grossed out with the images of toys engaging in barbaric acts such as chopping off doll heads and hacking off other body parts. The image that you see is basically the theme of this page. If you like horror and doll blood, you will more than likely be amused by this account.


The _spirits Instagram page belongs to Tilly Garcia. Tilly Garcia is an artist and photographer. She places a lot of emphasis on black and white pictures and images of flowers, lots of flowers. She also includes images of dead insects and dead animals to achieve an artistic effect.


I would not really classify her art as creepy, but her art is very eccentric. She has a lot of nature scenes which includes rocks and beaches and empty fields. Tilly seems to be in tune with nature since there are a lot of outdoor scenes and animals. If you are a fan of semi-Gothic art, check out Tilly’s page.


Alicia Potters is a pathologist who works in Florida. How in the world does a pathologist end up on this list? You see, all of the images that have been on these people’s pages have been made up via special effects or the work of a makeup artist. Alicia Potters’ pictures are not fake.


The images that appear on Alicia’s page are real. Every laceration, every body part that appears on her page are real body parts. She seems especially proud to display these images. She gets her “remains” from other doctors in the area. There are also pictures of incisions on her page, so take heed when looking at these images because they are the real thing.


James Franco is a man who wears many hats in the entertainment industry. He is an actor and a writer. He is also an artist who puts some of his work on his Instagram page jamesfrancotv. A lot of the images on his Instagram page include content that is aimed to be humorous.


Some of his work is very funny. There is a picture on his Instagram page with an animated version of a sausage that has a tongue-in-cheek message that goes along with it. He has a lot of images that relate to society in general with an artistic twist to some of his images.