Former Playmates Expose What Living In The Playboy Mansion Was Really Like

Hugh Hefner might be gone but his legacy at the Playboy Mansion will live on forever. The Mansion became the envy of practically every teenage boy in America during the 1970s thanks to rumors of his parties and photos of his memorable Playmates. Unfortunately for those boys, the only way they’d ever see the inside of the Mansion was if they were Hugh Hefner themselves, or Weezer on the “Buddy Holly” video set.

Hef might have been having the time of his life, but life in the Mansion wasn’t all it was cracked up to be for a lot of former Playmates. Read on to learn about the dark history and ongoing scandals that came from the Hef and the Mansion.

It Was Just Plain Dirty


We’re talking about actual dirt. Multiple former Playmates have spoken out and said that the Mansion was not up to code cleanliness-wise, but that they were still forced to live there.

Not only did the house smell terrible, but the mattresses were reportedly never cleaned. Some girls would even replace their bedding with their own cash.