First Ladies’ Fashion Over The Years

Edith Bolling Wilson


Edith Wilson did not meet and marry her husband President Woodrow Wilson until he was already in office so she never got the chance to have an inauguration dress. Edith had some tragedy in her life and had been left a widow at a relatively young age by her first husband. She had also given birth to a son who died on a few days after birth. Unfortunately, she was no longer able to have any children.

She met Woodrow in 1915, shortly after he also became a widow. Rumors flew around the nation about their relationship and whether it had started previously to the death of the first Mrs. Wilson, and Woodrow said that Edith could leave the engagement if she did not feel comfortable, however she famously said that she would stand by her fiancé, the President, not for duty, pity or honor, but for love. How romantic!