Finally! The Most Confusing Movie Endings Explained

Few things spark heated debate in this world more than what really happened at the end of a movie. The credits roll and you turn to your friends look at each other confused. You hear someone near you say, “what the heck just happened?” If you’re still trying to figure out the endings to movies like Arrivaland Donnie Darko, we have the answers. Some of them are simpler than you ever could have imagined. Others need a little more explaining to unravel the mystery.

Birdman Didn’t Fly Away At The End

Photo Credit: Twentieth Century Fox
Photo Credit: Twentieth Century Fox

The end of Birdman (Or The Expected Virtue Of Ignorance) ends with Michael Keaton’s character Riggan jumping out the window, presumably committing suicide. We don’t don’t see him fall, though; we only see his daughter run to the window and look up instead of down.

The ending left people thinking the fantastical elements of the film had come to life, and that Riggan had found his freedom and literally flew away. The truth is much probably much darker, showing just how devastating Riggan’s actions have been on himself and his daughter. For his part, the director says the ending, “can be interpreted as many way as there are seats in the theater.”