FBI Leaks That Make Your Skin Crawl

Scandals abound! Just look at the illegal and traitorous actions of FBI agents. From illicit love affairs and horrible DUI-induced homicides, the real and tragic history of FBI agents really makes you wonder what is happening that we don’t know. Here are just some of the scary and sordid FBI stories.

Waiting For The Memo To Drop


On February 1, 2018, the United States waited anxiously to see whether President Trump would publicly release the contents of a highly-classified FBI memo. The memo is alleged to contain details regarding unlawful FBI surveillance. Current FBI director Christopher A. Wray has urged the president not to release the document because he has “grave concerns” about its contents and the classified information that would be revealed. However, on Friday one White House employee stated that “[t]he president is inclined to approve release of the memo [on the 1st or 2nd]”. After giving the State of the Union address on January 30, Trump was overheard telling a lawmaker that he was “100%” going to release it. He did indeed release the memo, although the motive behind his decision to do so was not quite clear upon a review of the memo’s contents.

This was just the latest scandal involving the FBI…