I Dream Of Jeannie: Then, Now, and Fun Facts About the Show

I Dream of Jeannie.jpg

“I Dream of Jeannie” was dreamed up by network chiefs at NBC after they witnessed the miraculous rise of “Bewitched.” To their delight, the series took off and ran from 1965 to 1970 with rave reviews and a 100% devoted following. The series focused on NASA Astronaut Tony Nelson alongside his Jeannie in a bottle. It was an endearing show that captured our imagination and still does so to this very day. In this article we catch you up on the show’s characters, tell you where they are today, and share some interesting and shocking facts from the hit television series.

Barbara Eden Was Pregnant for the First Few Episodes of the Shows Premiere


Jeannie was known for her skimpy harem costumes (skimpy by standards of the day), but aside from the 1965 pilot, Eden was covered up for the first 10 episodes of the new TV series. Producers agreed to hide her pregnant stomach and the show became an instant classic.