“Doing The Deed:” Your Awkward Questions, Answered

When it comes to “doing the deed” most people are aware that it’s a natural part of life but they’re often a bit confused about the finer details of getting the most out of their bedroom exploits.

While there’s no need for embarrassment, we completely understand that doesn’t help if you are actually embarrassed.

So with that in mind, we’ve got some simple explanations for the most common questions you’ve always wanted to ask about “Rocking the Boat” because we understand that you may have never been able to summon up the courage to pose the questions. No crudity involved, we promise.

How Can You Make Things Taste Better Down There?

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Source: Medical News Today

Loving relationships include a fair amount of building of trust before getting to the deed itself. Yet, it’s fair to say that not everybody tastes great when you get up close and personal with them. The best way to improve your “flavor” is to eat vegetables and fruits and avoid meat, coffee, cigarettes, and alcohol. Vegetarians are clearly in the lead here.

Does Size Matter?

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Gentlemen worry about the answer to this question; their partners know but aren’t telling. So what’s the truth? Well, it doesn’t matter what size of knife you use to butter her bread; it matters that you know how to use that knife properly. If in doubt about that. ask.

How Can You Make It Easier To Put the Pig in the Blanket?

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Source: Deviant Art

Ladies, if you and your fella are finding it awkward to get that pig in the blanket, there’s a chance that you’re not quite in the mood yet. Take your time and relax; the chances are that a little bit more kissing and touching will help relax that blanket and let the pig slide straight in.

Is Watching Other People Doing the Bump Bad?

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Source: We Follow Pics

The occasional video or magazine can add a little spice to the mattress mambo and it’s certainly not harmful for two consenting adults to watch other people doing the bump…. however, it can be a problem if this becomes an addiction for one partner or the other. It’s best kept as an occasional treat, not a regular main course.

Why Can’t I Reach the Finish Line?

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This applies to ladies more often than it does to gentlemen. Sometimes the horse is in the race but the finishing line never seems to arrive. You may need to talk to your partner about how you carry yourself over the line and show them if they aren’t able to get the hint.

Why Am I Breaking Wind from the Wrong Place?

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Source: Jochets

It’s OK ladies, you can relax, this is quite common once you’ve finished making whoopee. All that’s happened is that you’ve got a little air trapped inside you during the excitement and now it needs to get back out again. Don’t be embarrassed; it happens to nearly everyone.

What Should I Do When the Magic’s Gone?

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Source: Homelife

Couples who’ve been together for a long time sometimes find that the joy of pushin’ the cushion together disappears. This doesn’t mean that you’re doomed; it just means you need to rediscover the spark. Try experimenting a bit more or go back to wooing each other for a while and take the pressure off. You’ll find it again, don’t worry.

Why Does It Take Men Hours To Get Ready For Round Two?

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Source: RealGM

Once your gentleman has put some cream in your coffee, he may find it takes a long time to recover. That’s because his body is full of a hormone called prolactin. It’s released along with everything else, and it makes men feel satisfied and disinterested. That’s biology for you.

Am I Odd Because I Prefer To Fly Solo?

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There’s nothing wrong with flying solo and there’s certainly the advantage that it’s easier because you know yourself better than anyone else could. But you ought to think about explaining this to your partner and showing them what you really like; it really can be more fun when there are two of you as long as you’re both experienced pilots.

What If His Implement Is Too Big?

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Source: Truth Pressure

There’s no such thing as too big. but it can sure feel that way if the oven hasn’t been warmed before he tries to put it in. It can help to use a little lubricant if you simply feel that you can’t but you can; don’t forget when used properly that oven can deliver a whole baby. He’s not that big. We promise.

Can I Get Pregnant without Doing the Horizontal Bop?

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Source: Sporteology

Yes, it’s perfectly possible to get pregnant without doing the horizontal bop. It’s unlikely but possible. The thing is that his swimmers are an A-team and they might be transferred to the pool during all types of nocturnal exercise. It’s best to buy him a rainhat and make him wear it, if you’re at all concerned.

Should I Say When Knocking Boots Is Knocking Me off My Stride?

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It’s impossible for your partner to know that their style of knocking boots is knocking you off your stride unless you tell them. You might be able to look the other way if it’s a one-off but otherwise, you need to talk about the path to bliss and how to walk it.

Can We Bump Uglies When There’s a Bun in the Oven?

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Source: This is Why I’m Broke

Yes, it’s perfectly OK to bump uglies when there’s a bun in the oven. However, if you’re in your ninth month, it might be best to give it a miss. You should always take care and make sure that she’s comfortable during this time but you’re very unlikely to hurt the soon to be new-comer.

I Get Bored Halfway Through the Deed!

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Source: Slim Shortcut

This happens to a lot of women. The motor’s revving along nicely and then all of a sudden it stalls. That’s OK. The trick is to grab the clutch and restart the thing. You can get him to do that or you can do it yourself and let him watch. He’ll soon be a better driver of your body when you do.

Why Do I Have a Headache After He Kings My Castle?

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Putting that King in the Castle can be strenuous work and it’s not the deed itself that’s causing your headache. It’s almost certainly down to the increased activity and blood flow through your head and neck (no, that’s not a euphemism). Take some anti-inflammatories and it’ll soon pass. If it keeps happening talk to your doctor.

Why Is My Soldier Finding It Hard To Stand To Attention?

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Source: Breaking Israel News

The chances are guys that if you’re younger (below 35) that you’re stressed or anxious. Spend less time thinking about it and if you can’t, talk to a doctor. Older guys, the chances are good that this is a physical problem not a mental one and you should discuss the issue with a physician.

How Many Rodeos Is Too Many Rides?

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Source: Westword

Society has some appalling double standards but as long as you’re happy and you’re not hurting anyone, you can’t do any damage to yourself riding the pony. If you do like a lot of ponies, always make sure they wear a raincoat; it prevents diseases and pregnancy.

Why Am I Not In The Mood?

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We’re all sometimes not in the mood to play hide the sausage and it’s OK to say “no” and mean it. However, if you’re never in the mood, there’s probably an underlying mental or physical problem and you might want to talk to your physician about the issue so they can help.

It’s So Messy After We Clean the Pipes!

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Sure it is. It’s true for everybody. Don’t panic about it. The best way to deal with that mess isn’t to try and avoid it but rather acknowledge it and jump into the shower together. That can be a very nice way to add a little more intimacy to your life, too.

It Hurts When He Swings in My Jungle!

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Source: People’s Choice

If it hurts, stop. Seriously, stop. There are a couple of potential problems here; the first is that you’ve not got enough dew in the garden and you can fix that with a little lube and a slower approach. Otherwise, you may have a medical problem and you need to talk to your doctor if this is a regular issue.