“Doing The Deed:” Your Awkward Questions, Answered

When it comes to “doing the deed” most people are aware that it’s a natural part of life but they’re often a bit confused about the finer details of getting the most out of their bedroom exploits.

While there’s no need for embarrassment, we completely understand that doesn’t help if you are actually embarrassed.

So with that in mind, we’ve got some simple explanations for the most common questions you’ve always wanted to ask about “Rocking the Boat” because we understand that you may have never been able to summon up the courage to pose the questions. No crudity involved, we promise.

How Can You Make Things Taste Better Down There?

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Source: Medical News Today

Loving relationships include a fair amount of building of trust before getting to the deed itself. Yet, it’s fair to say that not everybody tastes great when you get up close and personal with them. The best way to improve your “flavor” is to eat vegetables and fruits and avoid meat, coffee, cigarettes, and alcohol. Vegetarians are clearly in the lead here.