Deadliest Catch: The Scandals Behind Your Favorite Fishing Show

Deadliest Catch is on of Discovery Channel’s most thrilling shows. We’re addicted to watching the oh-so-dangerous lives of Alaskan Crab fishers. Much like the cast’s giant crab traps, the cameras on set don’t catch absolutely everything. Deadliest Catch is riddled with scandals and drama. Here’s a look behind the scenes – from mugshots to molestation rumors.

The Steel Traps Deadliest Catch Fishermen Use Are Gigantic


To catch a lot of crabs, you’re going to need a lot of traps, and the traps fisherman on The Deadliest Catch use aren’t your average rinky dink crab trap. These steel traps weigh about 700 pounds and seven by seven by three feet big. They’re baited with herring, squid, sardine and cod before they’re dropped 400 feet below the ocean’s surface.