Curious? Questions Adult Workers & Exotic Dancers Are Sick Of Answering

Everyone goes their own way when it comes to choosing their career path. Some people work in harsh conditions, while others work in a nice recliner in an air conditioned office. These jobs are considered normal by our standards. On the flip side of employment is another legal and sometimes not-so-legal profession of the adult industry. The whole adult business has a stigma attached to it, and the workers feel the brunt of this stigma. These individuals “work” as well, and there are certain questions that they do not like to be asked in any instance. Would you like to know something about this profession and the questions that anger these guys and gals? Take a look at what they have to put up with.

Do Adult Workers Hate Themselves?

The whole stigma of the adult industry as a whole is demeaning and degrading in the minds of a lot of individuals. These individuals who come from different backgrounds believe that people who work in the adult industry have some type of self-esteem issues and that they hate themselves since they have such a “dirty” job as some would put it.


There could not be too much hatred of self in this industry. Some of these ladies and gentlemen work in this industry because of the fast money that can be made. Why sit at a chair or work yourself to the bone while you can have fun at what comes natural and get money to pay your bills or do other things like save up for school? This is more like self-preservation more than hate.