Cindy Crawford- Never Slowing Down

There are models, there are supermodels, and then there’s Cindy Crawford. During the 1980s, there was no woman on earth more recognizable than she. Let’s take a look at how Cindy Crawford went from the midwest to dominating the world stage in her industry and in the process showed courage and grit to succeed in a tough, competitive and superficial industry.

The Road Began In Illinois

The Road Began In Illinois

Cynthia Ann Crawford, also known as “Cindy Crawford,” was born in the town of DeKalb in Illinois. Despite being home to only 40,000 people or so, DeKalb has produced many famous people, including Richard Jenkins (Academy Award nominee), Richard Powers (author) and W. Willard Wirtz (former Secretary of Labor for the John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson governments).


However, it is only Cindy Crawford who has gone on to be the kind of celebrity- the only sex symbol and pop culture icon of the list.