Christmas Gifts From Clueless Grandmas Can Be Hilarious

Christmas is a wonderful time of the year. No fear of Halloween haunts and you don’t have to worry about whose house you’re going to for the turkey. No, Christmas is the day where you can sleep in if you want or wake up early in your cozy pajamas, go to your presents and be prepared to be filled with bliss. The only issue you might face when opening your gifts are the weird items that clueless, but well-meaning, grandmothers give. This list is full of epic gift fails from grandmas.

Don’t Forget To Wipe


Grandmas and those who are not very versed in the realm of gift-giving all need a proper lesson. The only thing positive about this present is the smile that this guy gives. It could be a sarcastic one but still, at least he makes this moment half bearable.

In all honesty, did his grandma think he was having a baby soon? What made her think he would enjoy some on-the-go wipes? There may be 55 in this pack, which is a lot but this really wasn’t the best gift option. Giving someone any type of toilet paper is sort of disrespectful. Her grandson deserves better.