Celebs That Are Horrible Neighbors

A famous celebrity moving next door seems exciting…right? With them, they bring their glamorous lifestyle, complete with lavish get-togethers and famous friends. But let’s not forget about the downfalls — like the swarms of paparazzi lurking, parties running into all hours of the night, ridiculous decor choices and the fact that they are used to getting their way no matter what. These particular celebrities took being a bad neighbor to the next level, and when their neighbors complained, they responded by egging their house, throwing jars of paint, or worse. Some weren’t as outright crazy, but completely careless, destroying their neighbor’s property in the process. Here are celebs that are horrible neighbors.

Think your neighbors are bad? See which celebrity caused $20,000 worth of damage to their neighbor’s house.

Rather Than Keep The Noise Down, Drake Bought His Neighbor’s House


In Drake and Future’s 2015 song “Where Ya At,” Drake raps, “I’ll buy the neighbor’s house if they complain about the noise.” Drake apparently put his money where his mouth is; in 2016, after his neighbor at his Hidden Hills, California home filed numerous noise complaints against the rapper for his loud partying ways. Instead of toning it down, Drake just bought the neighbor’s house. He shelled out $2.85 million for the 4,445-square-foot house, which was directly next door to the one he already owned. Seems an excessive alternative to lowering your music, but when you are a mega-rich celebrity, what’s an extra few million?

Justin Theroux “Terrorized” His NYC Neighbors

Justin Theroux “Terrorized” His NYC Neighbors

Photo by Marc Piasecki/GC Images

In 2017, Justin Theroux’s and Jennifer Aniston’s neighbor claimed that he and his wife were “terrorized” by Theroux’s alleged “rude behavior.” He insisted that water damage from Justin’s apartment seeped into his living room while the actor was renovating, causing such a bad mold infestation that he had to take medication to get over the health effects of it. The neighbor also claimed that Theroux would drop heavy weights loudly on the ground during early morning hours. Additionally, he said the star’s dogs constantly barked because they were regularly left unattended. The battle between the neighbors escalated and landed them all in court and Theroux is currently seeking $350,000 for his neighbor being a nuisance.

She Did What To The Neighbor’s Dog?


Before Orange Is The New Black actress Natasha Lyonne got sober, she had a number of drug-fueled run-ins with the law. One of them included her harassing her neighbor in quite a disturbing way. Apparently, Lyonne pounded on her neighbor’s door in a fit of rage before making her way into the apartment. She then ripped a mirror off of the wall and told the neighbor, “I’m going to sexually molest your dog.” The neighbor pressed charges against Lyonne. When the time came for her to appear in court, she was an hour late and then disappeared, after which a warrant was issued for her arrest.

Chris Brown Loves Popping Wheelies


Without caring that he was getting in the way of his neighbors who were simply trying to park their car, Chris Brown continued to drive around his San Fernando Valley neighborhood popping wheelies on his ATV. Under the assumption that he was being admired, Chris showed off for one particular neighbor that was filming him. Turns out, the neighbor wasn’t exactly impressed and was actually incredibly annoyed, calling him a “dumbass” in the video. Apparently, that video was one of several of Chris driving recklessly on his ATV through his neighborhood. He was even accused of doing donuts on one neighbor’s lawn, but it wasn’t captured on video, and he, of course, denied it.

You Mean, You Don’t Want To Hear My Music?


In 2009, Madonna’s New York City neighbor filed a lawsuit against her for using her home, which she lived in since the 1980s, as a rehearsal space. It included complaints about blaring music, stomping and shaking walls and “unbearable” noise. Despite Madonna’s efforts to lesson the sound, the neighbor was still not having it. The singer claimed that the noise never went above legal levels; the building’s board agreed with her, but the courts weren’t so sure. The battle dragged on for two years, until in 2011, Madonna found another space to rehearse.

Is Justin Beiber The Worst Neighbor Ever? Probably


Justin Bieber may just be the neighbor from hell. He’s known for having loud, over-the-top parties that run into the wee hours of the night. He also enjoys taking his sports cars for high-speed, reckless joyrides around his neighborhood. And anyone who dares complain about his behavior may face his wrath. He egged the house of one neighbor in particular whom he’d had a number of disputes with. This wasn’t a few eggs at a door either — it caused $20,000 worth of damage to the multimillion-dollar home. In order to not get charged with a felony, the Biebs took a misdemeanor plea and was ordered to pay $80,000 in restitution.

Hulk Hogan couldn’t be that bad of a neighbor, right?

Making Sweet Music Together


Their relationship may have crashed and burned, but at least Katy Perry and John Mayer enjoyed it while it lasted. While the two were dating, Katy’s West Hollywood neighbors complained that their lovemaking sessions were way too loud. Apparently, the couple liked to have very loud romps, keep late hours, and turn up the tunes. There must’ve been some pretty loud moans and screams coming from that house. Considering this, it’s not surprising that Katy ranked John as her best sexual partner during an interview with James Gordon.

Trump Isn’t The Only One Who Likes To Build Walls


Taylor Swift doesn’t seem to care whether anyone else in her Westerly, Rhode Island community gets to enjoy the coastline, as long as she does. In 2013 she started building a huge wall around her castle, moving tons of the coastline’s rocks to do so. The wall took away public access to a beach that the community had been enjoying for decades prior. The surfers in the area also claimed that the wall messed with the wave break in Westerly. Her defense was that everything she was doing was perfectly legal, and she was building a wall where there was one decades prior, but had eroded over time.

Amanda Bynes’ Drug Habits Disturbed Neighbors


During her public breakdown in 2013, Amanda Bynes spent a lot of time freaking out and disturbing her neighbors in New York City. They complained that she was constantly smoking pot, not only in the apartment, but in the lobby of the building. Shen tossed a bong out of the window of her apartment, which was 36 floors up. Neighbors also complained that she had a really weird habit of staring them down when she would cross their paths. According to one particular building resident, “She just stares at people. Her eyes look really messed up. It’s very clear [to me that] she’s not just smoking pot”

Can We Use You Driveway?


The community of Silver Lake became infuriated in 2013 when James Franco and his producing partner Vince Jolivette bought a house only to transform it into a full-scale movie production studio. Initially, it was believed that Franco and Jolivette were going to fix up the $775,000 home and live in it. Instead, numerous employees moved in and began running the studio, resulting in large production trucks and other vehicles blocking the streets and neighbors’ driveways constantly. Moreover, crowds of people are always all over the property, and the neighbor’s property. It apparently is not against the law to run the company from his house, so neighbors will just have to deal with it.

Hulk Hogan Had A Farm, E-I-E-I-O


In 2005, Hulk Hogan’s neighbors were so fed up with the wild amount of farm animals he owned in his Florida home, that some even felt the need to move. After the cops responded to numerous complaints about “loud and frequent noise and an unsanitary stench,” they went to the wrestler’s house to investigate, discovering he owned five chickens, one rooster, six dogs, one cat, multiple bird cages and a ferret. Even though he had the required permit necessary for owning the noisy rooster, the neighbors were still annoyed. Unfortunately for them, if they thought the animals were annoying enough, they had a rude awakening; Hogan began filming his reality show shortly after.

The Great Flood

The Great Flood

Tracy Morgan caused a bit of chaos for his New York City neighbors, which included his on-screen wife from 30 Rock, Sherri Shepherd. A faulty light in his extra large aquarium, which was home to his pet shark and eels, caused a fire in his Upper West Side apartment. Morgan was not home at the time, but his sprinkler system went off and the FDNY arrived quickly on the scene, so the fish were not harmed, and his apartment only had some smoke damage to the walls. But the sprinklers went off in every unit on the 16th floor, and soaked into several units below, including Shepherd’s.

A Six-Foot Gate Wasn’t Good Enough For Gwyneth


A legally acceptable six-foot gate is apparently too small for the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow. In 2013, she and her then-hubby Chris Martin decided to build a nine-foot-tall gate in front of their mansion, which is three feet above the legal limit. One neighbor filed a complaint, arguing that there are plenty of other celebrities in the neighborhood, including Harrison Ford, Oliver Stone, and Courtney Thorne-Smith, and all of them have a six foot gate, so why should she be any different? Neighbors also complained that the couple always had construction going on, much outside of the zoning laws, and workers would illegally park in neighbor’s driveways.

Paris Hilton’s Neighbors Tried To Bribe Her Landlord To Evict Her


Paris Hilton was such an awful person to live next to, that her neighbor offered her landlord money to throw her out. In 2009, the neighbor claimed Paris, who’d just moved in with her then boyfriend Doug Reinhard, was “ruining his life.” He wrote a letter to the landlord the couple was renting from, offering $5,000 per month more than they were paying (which equaled $27,000 a month) if he tossed the annoying couple to the street. The issues began only one week after she moved in with Reinhard. There were extremely noisy parties, screaming and yelling, and vandalism, and cops were often called to the scene.

David Schwimmer Tore Down A Historic Building To Build His Mansion


in 2010 David Schwimmer shelled out $4.1 million for a 7,750-square-foot, five-story townhouse in New York’s East Village. The house was built in 1852 and would soon be eligible for landmark status. Aware of this, Schwimmer decided to tear it down anyway, and in its place built a 9,000-square-foot, six-story luxurious mansion, with an elevator and a roof deck. The neighborhood was not happy with Schwimmer’s decision to destroy the historic building, and one person in particular let their anger be known by spray painting “Ross is not cool” on the construction site.

Lenny Kravitz’ Plumbing Problems


Four-time Grammy Award winner Lenny Kravitz found himself in hot water for clogging up his toilet in his swanky SoHo condo. In 2004 Amica Mutual Insurance Company sued the singer for more than $300,000 for allowing his toilet to overflow into his downstairs neighbor’s apartment, causing “catastrophic water damage.” The toilet was “clogged and congested with various materials.” The neighbor, who was a former insurance executive, claimed that “negligence and carelessness” were the sole reasons that the calamity occurred. Kravitz had paid $8 million for the luxurious penthouse, so it’s pretty shocking that he was so careless with his commode.

Ashley Greene Started A Fire In Her Condo


Ashley Greene learned the hard way just how dangerous it is to leave a burning candle unattended. In 2013, the actress caused a fire in her West Hollywood condo after forgetting to put some of her candles out, which in turn set her couch ablaze. The fire destroyed her apartment and then began to burn through some of her neighbors’ apartments, causing significant damage. The doorman sued her for injuries received during evacuating tenants, and her building’s manager sued her for not only damages but for suffering permanent respiratory damage. The manager also lost one of her dogs in the fire.

Now You See It, Now You Don’t


If a person purchased a multimillion dollar home with a beautiful view of the Manhattan skyline, it’s not too surprising that they’d get pretty upset if that view was obstructed by an inconsiderate neighbor. That’s exactly what happed with Dr. Mehmet Oz planted three 30-foot cedar trees on his property. The lovely trees didn’t ruin his panoramic view of the city, but completely blocked his neighbors’ view. This wasn’t the first time they annoyed their neighbors with their landscaping choices; two years prior they planting a ton of bamboo trees, which the neighbors feared were too flammable, and thus they chose the giant trees as a replacement.

Ongoing Feud


Minnie Driver and her 74-year-old neighbor have been going at it for years, and the arguments have continuously escalated. The neighbor has complained that Driver has been preventing construction of his house by deliberately blocking the entrance to his property, and scaring the construction workers by speeding at them in her car. He also claims that Driver threw “baby food jars filled with black paint against the walls of the home.” They’ve had a number of public screaming matches, and Driver has claimed that he has been volatile towards her as well. Sometimes it’s better to just move.

The Pretty Little Liars Star Who Pulled A Gun On His Neighbors…Twice


It’s not that unusual to have an argument with one’s neighbor, but whipping out a gun on them is a different story. That’s precisely what Pretty Little Liars’ actor Brandon William Jones did after getting into a screaming match with his neighbor… on more than one occasion. In 2015, he pulled out a handgun during a neighborhood dispute. Then in 2016, he again pulled out a handgun at his neighbor, and also brandished a knife, though it’s unclear whether both incidents involved the same neighbor. Jones’ actions landed him in jail for 180 days. Apparently, it’s not very safe to live near this actor.