Revealed: Celebrity Secrets Exposed By Their Bodyguards

When it comes to their staff, celebrities are incredibly fussy. Most hire ex-military personal to keep them safe while they live the high life. These guys are hired to protect A-listers 24/7… and they see to see the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Some keep tight-lipped about what they witness, while others go on to share scandalous tales of Hollywood’s elite. Join us was we take a look at some of these shocking secrets divulged by bodyguards. You might be surprised at what Jen and Brad were up to behind Angie’s back…

The Real Slim Shady

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Eminem has made his relationship with ex-wife Kim extremely public, having mentioned her in songs since the very beginning of his career. We all know that Em likes to rap about violence, but bodyguard Byron Big-Naz Williams said his reality was quite different.

Williams did the the dirty on Slim and wrote a tell-all book about his years with the rapper, detailing how Em was actually scared of Kim. He described incidents where Kim would be violent toward Marshall, not the other way around. What’s more, apparently Eminem had a penchant for sleeping with his fans while he was supposed to be with Kim.

Elton John’s Inappropriate Comments

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Jeffrey Wenninger was a well-respected LAPD captain, who also moonlighted as Elton John’s bodyguard. The officer worked for John on and off for several years until he resigned in 2014 – and there was drama.

Wenninger claimed that Elton made several inappropriate comments to him over the course of his employ, including, "Get your todger out," and "Say hello to Uncle Elton." The captain also said that Elton repeatedly touched him, including nipple twists and pinching his butt. The lawsuit was settled out of court for a six-figure sum, and most likely a contract forbidding Wenninger from bringing it up again.

Bieber’s Benabou Beatdown

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Justin Bieber doesn’t really look like he could put up much of a fight, considering that he’s pretty slim. You certainly wouldn’t think that he could hand out a whooping to a beefy security guard, but according to Moshe Benabou, that’s exactly what happened.

The bodyguard claimed that he was doing his job when he accidentally angered one of Bieber’s friends. When Justin found out, he allegedly wailed on Benabou, hitting him repeatedly in the chest before firing him in front of a crowd of onlookers. The matter was settled out of court for an undisclosed amount, never to be spoken of again.

David Bowie’s Behind-Doors Antics

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Bodyguards are often the ones who stand by while the A-listers get utterly hammered, so they tend to see a lot of things going down. In the case of Stuart George, David Bowie’s bodyguard of fourteen years, he saw more than most of us could imagine.

Not long after Bowie passed away in 2016, George came forward with a string of raunchy tales about the musician. One night, he claims to have guarded the door as Mick Jagger and Bowie had a threesome with singer Ava Cherry. Apparently, ballet star Rudolf Nureyev tried to get involved but George held him off until it was over.

Kim and Kanye’s Dirty Laundry

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Love them or hate them, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are two of the biggest names out there. They’re notoriously fussy about their security detail, but that didn’t stop them from having a run-in with former Chippendale-turned-security-officer Steve Stanulis in 2016.

Stanulis reportedly tried to come on to Kim, and Kanye overheard. Yeezus wasn’t impressed and Steve was swiftly fired. He went on to give a few interviews about his time with the couple, saying that the notorious Paris heist was an "inside job" and that Kanye was so self-absorbed he refused to even press his own elevator buttons.

Suge Knight’s Shady Past

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Suge Knight remains a controversial figure in rap. The founder and former CEO of Death Row Records is currently in prison after being found guilty of running a man over and killing him – on purpose.

A bodyguard that was assigned to Eminem (who was signed to the rival label belonging to Dr. Dre) claims that Suge tried to have Eminem killed on two occasions. The first time was supposedly at the 2001 Source Hip Hop Awards, where some of Suge’s boys started trouble. Later, a second attempt happened when Eminem flew to Hawaii. The police were waiting for them when they landed to warn them of Death Row’s presence in town.

Michael Jackson’s Famous Lover

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Michael Jackson was often tabloid fodder when he was alive, coming under fire for his oddball antics. While no one could ever contest the fact that he remains a music icon, his personal life still piques curiosity – albeit for the wrong reasons.

Bodyguard Matt Fiddes has made a lot of claims about his time with Michael, but most famously, he said that he donated sperm so Michael could have a child, and believed that Blanket could be his. Surprisingly, he also said that the great love of Michael’s life was Whitney Houston, whom he dated for just two weeks before she met Bobby Brown.

Prince Harry’s Royal Liberties

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Prince Harry is pretty well liked as far as royals go, mostly because he seems pretty relatable. Although he’s calmed down now, having tied the knot to Meghan Markle, Harry went through an avid wild-child phase.

His bodyguards let it all out in a 2015 interview, where they claimed that the Prince had a thing for blondes and frequently bought his brunette lovers wigs. Hazza also liked to throw the odd naked party. One guard told of a time when Harry invited four models over to Buckingham Palace, had them take off their clothes and run through the halls naked.

Elvis and his Party Pills

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Elvis was once the most famous heartthrob in the world, capturing the attention of both women and men alike. The singer enjoyed the type of success that can only be dreamed of, but eventually succumbed to his demons.

According to a book his bodyguards released after his death, Elvis had been addicted to pills since he was in the army. On one occasion, he gave one guard 16 pills, wanting him to partake. When the guard showed the pills to Elvis’ doctor, he was told it was a fatal dose. Elvis fired all of his bodyguards shortly before his death, as he knew they were planning a book. He was in the process of trying to stop it when he passed and it was published years later.

Tupac’s X-Rated Work Ethic

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Former bodyguard Frank Alexander had some extremely interesting tales to tell in his book, Got Your Back: Protecting Tupac. The 2011 memoir goes into detail about Tupac’s lust for life – and all the pleasures that came with it.

The rapper flew in several adult movie stars to film the Playboy produced X-rated version of the video for Tupac’s son “How Do U Want It,” and the rapper had a field day. Alexander said Pac would shoot a scene, then go and have some fun with one of the dancers, then repeat the process. He had so much sex on set that he passed out.

Brangelina’s Secret Notes

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Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were one of the biggest celebrity couples in history, and they had the security detail to match their notoriety. The pair often changed their bodyguards, so it’s not surprising plenty of people had tales to tell.

Former bodyguard Mark Behar later dished the dirt on the start of the relationship, which began when Pitt was married to Jennifer Aniston. While Brangelina didn’t get physically intimate until Brad separated from Jen, they did get bodyguards to pass secret notes between them on the set of Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Behar claimed that they were explicit in content.

Marc Almond’s Near Miss

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Former British paramilitary officer Ian Robinson guarded some of the biggest names in the world, including George Harrison, Gary Moore and Johnny Rotten. He’s seen a lot of things in his time, but they all pale in comparison to his time spent with Marc Almond.

On one occasion, Robinson was keeping an eye on Almond while he was enjoying himself in a Moscow nightclub. The club was filled to the brim with gangsters, and one of the wives wanted the fur coat that Almond was wearing. Marc refused to give it up, and it was down to Robinson to sneak the pop star out of the venue before things turned sour.

Eddie Murphy VS Sylvester Stallone

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Like many bodyguards to the rich and famous, Lee Weaver put pen to paper and released his story to the public by writing a book. Among his tales, was a particularly interesting one about Eddie Murphy, who Weaver worked for at the height of his career.

According to him, Eddie got into an altercation with Sylvester Stallone when the latter thought that Murphy was having an affair with his then wife, Brigitte Nielsen. Weaver had to step in and put Stallone into a choke hold until he passed out and Murphy could make his escape. Can you imagine that scene?

Whitney’s Warning

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David Roberts looked after Whitney Houston for several years, becoming a close friend to the star. During his time with Houston, Roberts witnessed her downward spiral into the substance abuse that would eventually kill her.

Concerned, he made a report to Whitney’s advisers…who thanked him by swiftly giving him the boot. According to Roberts, Whitney’s husband Bobby was a “burden”. Brown consumed copious amounts of alcohol, and was an alleged negative influence. The former bodyguard went on to say that both Whitney and their daughter, Bobbi Kristina, were both victims of Brown’s “poisonous personality.” Bobbi died in similar circumstances to her mom in 2015.

Jen and Brad’s Post-Split Meetings

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Breaking up from a long-term partner is never an easy thing to do, and by the sounds of it Jen and Brad were no different. When the pair split thanks to Angelina Jolie, they remained good friends – but it may have been more than that.

An anonymous bodyguard claimed that Brad would often come over to see Jen – who spent most of her down time in either underwear or a bathing suit – and the two would end up making out. The bodyguard was charged with keeping an eye out for lurking paparazzi. Looks like that split was messier than we realized!

Amber Heard’s Temper

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Rewind a couple of years and the world was witnessing the demise of Johnny Depp’s marriage to Amber Heard. Heard claimed that Depp had flown into a violent fit of rage, throwing objects at her while they argued. However, two bodyguards had a different version of events.

The two went on record to contest that it was actually Heard who was prone to getting physical with her husband, and often threw things at Depp. Amber denied that this was the case and the world was divided on who to believe. Depp’s reputation certainly suffered because of the very public divorce.

Britney the Naked Menace

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Back in 2010, Britney Spears’ former bodyguard Fernando Flores took her to court over allegations that she repeatedly behaved inappropriately toward him. Flores dubbed her the “naked menace.”

According to him, Brit would repeatedly flash him and on occasion, bend over and expose herself to him. Another time, she invited him up to her bedroom where he found her naked. Despite Flores rejecting her advances several times, Brit was supposedly pretty persistent. When Flores reported the incidents to his supervisor, he claimed he was told, “You know you like it.” The bodyguard also reported Britney to the LA County Department of Children and Family Service.

Morrissey’s Biggest Fan

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Morrissey is renowned for being one of the most outspoken vegetarians on the planet, but he doesn’t extend that kindness to the human population. In 2014, former bodyguard Bradley Steyn sued the singer of claims he was fired for refusing to take part in a plot to beat up a fan-site operator.

Steyn was fired the day after he said no to the request, and believed that he was let go because he wasn’t willing to hurt someone. The lawsuit was dismissed the following year at the request of the former bodyguard, who said the matter had been settled.

The Prince of the Party

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It’s no secret that Prince liked to party, but he may have been a little more straight-laced than you might think. Despite the rumors, he never touched drugs, according to his bodyguard in the 80’s, Wallace Safford. “He partied, but he didn’t party,” explained the former employee.

“I never knew him to drink either,” said Safford, who claims that he only ever saw the singer drink wine once, before he threw up. Most people were under the impression that Prince was living the rock and roll lifestyle as he was often pictured out at famous clubs like Studio 54. The star died of an accidental drug overdose in 2016.

Julia Roberts the Environmentalist

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Working with stars is one thing, but working with smelly stars is an entirely different ball game. One former bodyguard to Julia Roberts claimed that the star is “a total hippie” who went days without showering in a bid to save the planet.

“She is the farthest thing from Hollywood glamour,” said the source. The guard went on to say that staff were required to carry on as normal and not mention Roberts’ special scent. When it comes to deodorant the actress was also a little lax, so there really was no let-up for her employees. Let’s hope the bodyguard has gone on to brighter – and cleaner – things.