Celebrities With Known Disputes That Were Captured in The Same Picture

The world of stardom isn’t all hugs and kisses. There are always feuds going on between celebrities whether they are musicians, actors, TV hosts, or childhood stars. However, while there’s no lack of knowledge about quarrels between celebrities, pictures of the two aren’t easy to come by. Either they avoid each other entirely or refuse to have pictures together. However, sometimes, photos can be recovered from the two before their disputes, or from situations that forced them to stand next to each other. These 20 pictures were taken either before, during, or after two stars began to have problems with each other.

It’s unlikely to see Donald Trump and Alec Baldwin in the same room ever again.

Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj’s Feud Began On American Idol


Photo Credits: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Pop stars Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj have a very not-so-subtle feud going on between them. The whole ordeal began when they were both selected to be judges on the hit show American Idol. According to US Weekly, Carey said that “it was like going to work every day in hell with Satan.”

Of course, Minaj did not take this lightly but kept her composure and didn’t let any negative feelings or thoughts about Carey show. However, she eventually snapped and announced that she wasn’t going to put up with her attitude anymore. The two still aren’t on good terms and have no problem making it known to one another.

Katy Perry and Taylor Swift Have “Bad Blood”


Photo Credits: Larry Busacca/Getty Images for NARAS

Because of Taylor Swift’s reputation with having more enemies than friends, it’s not too surprising to learn that she and Katy Perry aren’t exactly on good terms. The two have been going at it for years for no real reason except they’re stepping on each other’s toes.

The world is not big enough for these two pop icons to share their millions of fans. Also, although a number of Taylor Swift’s songs could be about Perry, it’s assumed that the track “Bad Blood” is a direct reference to her and Perry’s relationship.

Donald Trump Is Not A Fan Of Alec Baldwin


Photo Credits: M. Tran/FilmMagic

Although Tina Fey isn’t known to be on the best terms with Donald Trump either, the real hostility lies between Trump and Alec Baldwin. Baldwin is well-known for his humorous and slightly offensive impersonation of Trump on the comedy sketch series Saturday Night Live.

Although it took some time, Trump finally decided to take to Twitter and let the world know how he feels about Baldwin’s impersonation and SNL. This led to a back-and-forth tweet war which gained national attention and made it clear that Alec Baldwin and Trump were not on good terms with one another.

Paris Hilton Despises Kim Kardashian’s Rise To Fame


Photo Credits: Gregg DeGuire/WireImage

If you were unaware, before Kim Kardashian made her explosion into popular culture, she worked as Paris Hilton’s assistant. While Kim was working for her, Paris was at the top of the world in Hollywood and the world in general. There is even evidence of the fabulous Kim Kardashian being ordered around by Hilton in old reality TV episodes to show how long ago this was.

Then, Kim’s sex tape hit the internet, and everything changed. She rose to fame as Paris began to disappear from the spotlight. As you can imagine, Paris was angered by this, and the two got into it. They remain on bad terms even today.

Kim Kardashian loves Beyonce who doesn’t share the same admiration.

Lindsay Lohan Publicly Dissed Amanda Bynes


Photo Credits: Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic

After their time in the spotlight as young stars, both Amanda Bynes and Lindsay Lohan did their fair share of partying. However, Lindsay’s actions and behavior were major news and blasted to the public, while Amanda’s issues were lesser known. Lindsay didn’t think this was very fair.

This was because Lindsay kept getting into real trouble with the law, unlike Amanda, which made her wild antics almost as famous as she ever was. Lindsay then sent out a tweet about how Amanda was as wild and that she just hadn’t been caught. Amanda has resented Lindsay ever since.

Beyonce Continuously Throws Shade At Kim Kardashian


Photo Credits: Lester Cohen/WireImage

Although Kim Kardashian is a big fan of Beyonce, Beyonce doesn’t share the same feelings about Kim. For years, Beyonce has avoided being around Kim or even being associated with her. She even declined to be a bridesmaid in her wedding.

They’re far from girlfriends, and Beyonce has even been known to take subtle jabs at Kim which others have begun to notice. In her feature in DJ Khaled’s “Top Off,” some of her lyrics seem to be blatantly ripping on Kim Kardashian. Although numerous things could have inspired the words, people remain convinced that they had to do with Kim.

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Seth Rogan Wasn’t Impressed With Justin Bieber


Photo Credits: Christopher Polk/Getty Images

After briefly meeting Justin Bieber years back, Seth Rogan came in hot on Twitter and tweeted, “All jokes aside, Justine Bieber is a piece of [expletive].” We can’t say that the public was too shocked by this comment since Rogan and Bieber never seemed like they had potential to be good buds anyway (even if they’re both from Canada).

Justin Bieber was quick to fire back saying “Sorry I didn’t bow down when I asked 2 meet you”. Although fans of both sides will say that the other star was in the wrong, the two are yet to grab beers together and probably never will.

Future Dissed Drake’s Music, So He Was Dropped From The Tour


Photo Credits: Prince Williams/WireImage

Drake and Future began having issues with each other back when they were touring together in 2016. Future said, “Drake made an album that is full of hits but it doesn’t grab you.”

Of course, this isn’t something you want to say about the person you’re touring with, and Drake had Future dropped from his tour. In response, Future filed a lawsuit against Drake who believed that Drake owed him $1.5 million for the rest of the trip. However, that only made feelings between the two more bitter than they already were

Bruce Willis And Sylvester Stallone Got Into It After The Expendables 3


Photo Credits: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Although the two used to be good buddies, things went south after Bruce Willis demanded more money for his role in The Expendables 3. Sylvester was offended by Willis’ demand and even went so far as to tweet: “Greedy and Lazy…A Formula For A Sure Career Failure.”

Sylvester was fed up and no longer considered Bruce Willis a friend. Today, the two are working on their relationship for the sake of the next movie which is suspected to be in the making. That is if Willis decides he wants to be in it.

If you thought these two actors were terrible, you wouldn’t believe the hostility on the set of Jaws.

Gwyneth Paltrow and Madonna Were Once Inseparable


Photo Credits: Kevin Mazur/WireImage

Back in the mid-2000s, Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow were nothing short of best friends. They were always seen together by paparazzi hanging out. However, their relationship came crashing down after Madonna fired their shared personal trainer.

Gwyneth was encouraged to do the same but didn’t end up firing him, because she had no reason to. For some strange reason, this set off Madonna who abruptly ended the pair’s relationship. Then, in 2011, Paltrow wrote on her blog about an unnamed former friend that left her feeling drained and belittled. Very interesting how a small disagreement ended such an iconic friendship.

Jaws Couldn’t Bring Robert Shaw and Richard Dreyfuss Together


Photo Credits: Universal Studios

Although the two co-starred in one of the films that changed the movie industry, the two could never quite look past their differences. Their feud began when Richard Dreyfuss threw Shaw’s drink after Shaw had expressed his desire to stop drinking.

Shaw didn’t see this as a friendly gesture and spent the rest of their time on-set drinking and giving Dreyfuss a hard time. Considering that the two already didn’t like each other, it ended any chance of redemption. Although it’s a shame, it ended up helping their characters’ relationship on-screen, since their characters had a less than pleasant relationship with each other in the film.

Taylor Swift and Kanye are two personalities that don’t like to be shown disrespect.

Bette Davis and Joan Crawford Set The Bar For Celebrity Feuds


Photo Credits: Hulton Archive/Getty Images

The controversy between Bette Davis and Joan Crawford is considered to be one of the most famous feuds in Hollywood history. Although the two both had incredibly successful careers, for some reason, they couldn’t stand each other. Throughout their careers, the two were known to have very public disagreements, and both of their stubborn and brash personalities didn’t help anything.

Whether it was over fame, men, or fans, the two could never see eye to eye, and their controversy became a frequent news story over the years. At one point, Crawford even tried to make amends with a gift. David sent the gift back telling her to knock off the “lesbian overtures.”

Kanye West Disrespected Taylor Swift And The Feud Continues


Photo Credits: Kevin Mazur/WireImage

The feud between rapper Kanye West and pop idol Taylor Swift began back at the MTV Video Music Awards in 2009. During Taylor’s acceptance speech, Kanye ran onto the stage, took the microphone from Taylor, and proclaimed that it was Beyonce who had the best music video of the year. As we know, Taylor Swift doesn’t take kindly to any confrontation or disrespect, and her fans were out for Kanye’s head.

Then in 2015, the fight seemed over when Taylor presented Kanye with the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award. However, things went downhill again after Kanye released his song “Famous” which included mention of Taylor. That move even got Kim involved in the whole ordeal. In 2017, Taylor came out with “Look What You Made Me Do” which seemed to be for Kanye, so who knows where their relationship stands.

You won’t believe what Elton John has said about Madonna.

Axl Rose And Slash Went From Best Friends To Enemies


Photo Credits: Jack Lue/Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

Axl Rose and Slash started off as good friends and founders of the rock group Guns N’ Roses. Over the years, their relationship began to deteriorate. It first began with a disagreement over their musical direction and later came to an end when Slash contributed a guitar solo for Michael Jackson’s “Black or White.”

Rose, who had supposedly been molested by his father, saw this as a betrayal on Slash’s part and the feud was on. Eventually, Slash left Guns N’ Roses for good, and the two ex-bandmates didn’t speak to each other for decades and continued to do so until 2016. Although still on shaky terms, Slash rejoined Guns N’ Roses for a small tour that year.

Tony Curtis Couldn’t Stand Marilyn Monroe


Photo Credits: Frank Worth, Courtesy of Capital Art/Getty Images

Actor Tony Curtis co-starred with Marilyn Monroe in the 1959 film Some Like It Hot. While most other men at the time were drooling over the actress, Curtis made it known that he did not consider himself a lucky guy to share the screen with her.

Apparently, during filming, the two made working together nearly impossible with all of their bickering and Marilyn’s problems, which drove Curtis crazy. When asked about what it was like filming their romantic scenes together, he replied by saying that “kissing her was like kissing Hitler.” Clearly, there was a noticeable amount of animosity between the two.

Elton John Was Ruthless To Madonna


Photo Credits: Dave M. Benett/Getty Images

Music tycoons Elton John and Madonna have been at odds since back in 2002 when Elton John claimed that Madonna’s song for Die Another Day was “the worst Bond theme ever.” The insults didn’t stop there. At England’s Q Awards in 2004, during his speech, Elton said. “Madonna, Best Live Act? [Expletive] off. Since when has lip-syncing been live?”

He continued saying that she should be shot for her performances. The bashing continued, and Madonna managed to stay composed throughout the whole thing. His insults and hatred for her carried out for many more years, getting more offensive as time went on. Finally, in 2012, he apologized to her, and she agreed to sit down and talk.

Who doesn’t like James Franco?

Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes Were Opposite When They Were Young


Photo Credits: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for AFI

While filming for the 1996 Shakespeare remake Romeo + Juliet, the two young co-stars frequently butt heads. Claire Danes at the young age of 16 became annoyed by 22-year-old Leonardo DiCaprio’s constant pranks and joking around on-set.

On the other hand, DiCaprio also began to resent Danes. Leonardo felt she was far too uptight and mature for her age and couldn’t handle a joke. It was rumored that the two would rarely speak to one another unless they were filming a scene. Although today they aren’t the best of friends, we’re sure that time has helped to heal some of these wounds.

The 2011 Oscars Said It All…


Photo Credits: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

It was painfully obvious when the two co-hosted 2011 Academy Awards, that Anne Hathaway and James Franco lack chemistry and didn’t like each other. Their negativity towards each other was palpable even through a television screen, and it was later discovered later that the two don’t even talk to each other.

Furthermore, in an interview on The Howard Stern Show Franco even claimed that Hathaway was a “goodie two shoe” which clashes with Franco’s comedic and goofy demeanor. We probably won’t see them working together again anytime soon.

Miley Cyrus and Nicky Minaj Go Head To Head About Favoritism In Pop Music


Photo Credits: Kevin Mazur/WireImage

In 2015, Nicky Minaj called out Miley Cyrus at the MTV Video Music Awards after Miley had said some less-than-flattering things about her days before. At the awards, Minaj said, “And now back to this [expletive] that had a lot to say to me to the press – Miley, what’s good?”

This all started after Minaj claimed that the only pop stars winning awards were skinny white girls. Miley responded that her comments were “not polite” and were about herself. After the Video Music Awards, the two continued to take jabs at one another, and they still haven’t settled their differences today.

George Takei and William Shatner


Photo Credits: Jason Merritt/FilmMagic

George Takei and William Shatner both worked on the early Star Trek series together, yet had some serious issues with each other. Takei didn’t think that Shatner was a team player, and was always trying to force more screentime for himself at the cost of the rest of the cast. Their feud has lasted well over 40 years, and Takei didn’t even invite Shatner to his wedding back in 2008.

Shatner responded by saying, “There’s such a darkness” in Takei and that, “there’s a psychosis there.” At this point, it looks like the two will never make amends because they both hate each other respectively.