Celebrities Who Got Married To The Same Person Twice

Celebrity relationships have long been under public scrutiny and media focus since the days of Old Hollywood. Often celebrities have had a multitude of marriages, affairs, and even murders in their relationship histories! All of that drama certainly didn’t stop these stars from going back for more! Check out this list of celebrities who married the same person TWICE!

Pam Anderson and Rick Salomon


This bombshell actress has been married twice to one of her husbands, Rick Salomon. While Pam is most famous for Baywatch, Rick is most famous for starring in Paris Hilton’s night vision naughty tape. Pam and Rick were first married in 2007 in Las Vegas and had their marriage annulled shortly after in 2008. Several years later Pam appeared on Ellen and said the two were still friends with benefits. They remarried several years later in 2014 and she asked for a divorce that same year and then later asked for the judge to dismiss the request. However, the following year 2015 she filed for divorce with Rick for the third and final time.