Brave Women Who Took Drastic Measures To Escape Their Attackers

The harrowing story of a 13-year-old girl who leaped from a moving vehicle to flee her rapist shocked readers everywhere in April of 2017. According to her story, the Northern California teen was held for 27 hours by Timothy Marble, during which time she was repeatedly raped, drugged, and abused. She saved herself by jumping out of the truck and hiding in nearby bushes until police arrived.

While this young girl’s story is appalling, she showed amazing bravery in making her daring escape. Here are 20 more stories of fierce women who were forced to take drastic measures in order to escape kidnappers, attackers, rapists, and would-be murderers.

Diabetic Woman Uses Insulin Pump To Escape Trunk

Brittany Diggs.jpg

In Birmingham, Alabama, 25-year-old Brittany Diggs was forced at gunpoint into the trunk of an assailant’s vehicle. The nursing student was driven around to various ATM locations around the city and forced to withdraw money. Brilliantly, Diggs was able to use the small light on her insulin pump to locate and use the trunk release latch from the interior of the vehicle, which she learned about from YouTube before the day of the attack. Though the assailant got away with most of her belongings, Diggs managed to escape with her life. A video of her getaway went viral and a GoFundMe account has set her up with a fresh start.