“Bookception” This Textbook Is Making People Go Crazy

Optical illusions are becoming more and more popular on the internet and this textbook is no exception. This College Prep Algebra textbook cover isn’t just a group of children, but features them holding the book which they are currently posing for. Bookception! The book is blowing up the internet after it was first discovered on Reddit over the summer.


This optical illusion isn’t the only illusion on the internet that is blowing up.

The first illusion which truly broke the internet was the dreaded, “what color is this dress?” The dress in real life is black and blue, but on screen the dress looks white and gold to some viewers. This is due to light refraction that makes the colors look like negative versions of themselves, making the black look gold.

The success of “the dress” is outstanding, and the original picture has been shared over 20 million times on all forms of social media sites. This illusion has paved the way for the success of the algebra book, which is now trending on Twitter.

Twitter users are going nuts for the algebra book and have come up with some theories as to how the students could be holding the book which they are posing for. Some Twitter theorists believe that green screens were used to create the double photo or that the photographers took two pictures. But the best theory is the most ridiculous.

Time travel has been thrown around on Twitter as one of the plausible reasons for the children’s algebra book. Twitter user Jim Youll states, “This proves that algebra is a gateway skill for time travel.” Other Twitter user @fuzzycloud makes the statement, “Spoiler Alert. The answer is the sequel: Algebra II, Using Time Travel To Kill Hitler.” People are completely dumbfounded with how the creators of the textbook pulled off this “bookception,” but the answer is actually an easier explanation than you might expect.

The original photo of the students is just a regular stock photo that has been used by many different covers of books. The children in the original photos are holding regular notebooks and binders, which don’t feature their own picture.

To make the textbook different and original, the creators simply photo shopped the children onto the notebooks and binders whom they are holding. The childrens’ arms in the photos also cover any evidence that their notebooks are photo shopped, which creates the perfect illusion of the book.

The original tweet that put this “bookception” onto the internet was by Twitter user Isabelle who states, “When I sent it I honestly expected a couple likes, maybe a retweet or two AT Most.” The tweet now has over 100,000 favorites and over 80,000 retweets.

The company who created the book itself has also responded to Isabelle’s tweet and the overwhelming response to their book cover. The company is Cengage Learning and states that they are completely overwhelmed with the response they received.


Cengage Learning tweeted, ‘Our goal is to keep students front and center in all we do. Sometimes we take it too far. #studentfocus” We still think the explanation might be time travel though.