The Most Amazing Shows Ever Heard On The Radio

It’s a little shocking to think that transistor radios were once the biggest form of at-home entertainment in America. Families would gather around their radios every week to listen to their favorite programs.

It wasn’t until the mid-1900’s when television started to take over, that transistor radios lost much of their audience, and as a result, many of their once popular radio shows. Despite their decline in popularity over the years, there are still many die-hard fans of those old radio shows.

Here are some of the best shows that you could ever find on a transistor radio.

Abbott And Costello

Abbott And Costello

This comedic duo was one of the most popular acts in the history of television and radio comedy. They became very well-known for their famous act, “Who’s On First?” with its rapid wordplay and comedic confusion. Many comedians to this very day credit this hilarious duo for their influence on their careers.