Baring It All: News Anchors Pictured Without Their Makeup

Many women have a love-hate relationship with makeup. Those who work as newscasters don’t have much of a choice in the matter when it comes to wearing makeup. Cosmetics are a must for people who need to look picture perfect on television all day. Here are some brave newscasters (women and men!) who bared their faces to show the world what they really look like under all that makeup. Some of the revelations are more dramatic than others… click through to see which ones.

Katie Couric Is Not Afraid To Go Bare

Instagram: katiecouric

Veteran news anchor Katie Couric has worked on some of the biggest news programs in the country. But she hasn’t let that go to her head. She’s frequently seen out and about without a stitch of makeup. Here is a selfie she shared in January 2017 with the hashtags #firstmirrorselfie #lastmirrorselfie #omg.

Coming up, Gretchen Carlson led an entire segment of her show without a trace of makeup!

Clean Skin Is A Must

Telemundo 60 anchorwoman Arlena Amaro is another newscaster who is not a big fan of makeup. In an interview with San Antonio’s KSAT, she admitted that she struggled with acne as a teenager. She said, “taking off all of my makeup is a must for me. I wash my face with Cetaphil, which was recommended by my dermatologist.”

A Strong Statement From Gretchen

In a “cable news first,” Fox News host Gretchen Carlson led an entire segment of her show without a trace of makeup. She said her reason was that “[t]he message here – and this is what I always tell people and I’ll probably get flack for being Miss America and then talking about self-esteem – but the bottom line is that you have to build yourself from the inside up.”

Savannah Guthrie Shows Her Freckles


In 2014, the TODAY anchors celebrated “No Makeup Monday” and revealed how they look without the benefit of makeup. Savannah Guthrie was one of the participants. She’s known for sharing candid Instagram shots of herself already, so her big reveal wasn’t as surprising as some of the other anchors on this list.

All Talk, No Makeup


For the premiere episode of a new season of The Talk, the show’s five co-hosts showed up without makeup. Here’s Julie Chen with and without makeup. When she debuted her fresh face, co-star Aisha Tyler said “You look thirteen years old, you look so young, it’s amazing!”

No Makeup Needed

KABB photo

“True beauty comes from within. I actually hate wearing makeup — but with TV news, it’s a necessary evil,” said former KABB co-anchor Elisa Amigo to mysanantonio’s Jeanne Jakle. Amigo obviously doesn’t need a stitch of makeup, as her skin absolutely glows without it.

Kelly Comes Clean

Journalist Megyn Kelly, who worked for Fox News for many years before making the move to NBC News, is normally seen sporting a very polished look. But in 2014 she posted a photo of herself without any makeup at all. As you can see in the photo above, she looks good either way.

Matt Lauer Bares His Famous Face


Former TODAY show host Matt Lauer also took place in “No Makeup Monday.” Although he looks perfectly OK in both photos, it’s clear that the makeup applied to his face while filming helped a lot with evening out his skin tone and making him look less pale.

“I Feel More Like Myself”

Myrna Salas is another Texas anchorwoman who shared a no-makeup photo with San Antonio’s KSAT. “I feel free with no makeup… more like myself,” she said. Luckily for her, she certainly does not need makeup – just look at her beautiful fresh-faced look in the photo above.

A Dramatic Difference

Lee Thomas is a reporter for WJBK Fox 2 News in Southfield, Michigan. He suffers from a condition called vitiligo, which turns his dark skin white. This photo shows the difference that cosmetics make in concealing Thomas’ vitiligo while he’s on air. He is also a motivational speaker.

Hoda! Hoda!


Everybody loves Hoda Kotb! The TODAY co-star, who is in her 50s, showed her pre-cosmetics look off during “No Makeup Monday.” She appears pretty amused during the shoot, with messy hair and one of her trademark beaming smiles. Kotb looks much more polished after a visit to the makeup room.

A Polished Look For This Traffic Reporter

WOAI photo

Claudia Garofalo is a traffic anchor for WOAI/KABB in Texas. As with everyone else on this list, she must wear a ton of heavy makeup for her job. Here she is with a full face of the stuff compared to her natural look.

Aisha Tyler Without Makeup


Aisha Tyler is one of The Talk’s former hosts. Along with her other co-stars, she appeared in an episode with not a trace of makeup on her face. Fun fact: the show’s guest that day, actress Jamie Lee Curtis, also went without makeup!

Leslie Mouton Is No Makeup Fan

KSAT photo

Leslie Mouton is a KSAT anchor in San Antonio who shared a no-makeup picture with viewers. She added the commentary, “After wearing it for nine to 10 hours, my skin feels heavy. It feels so fresh and clean when I have no makeup on!”

Here’s What A TV Legend Looks Like Without Makeup


Here’s another brave “No Makeup Monday” participant. Longtime TODAY star Kathie Lee Gifford co-hosts the show’s fourth segment along with Hoda Kotb. The two have a great relationship in real life that carries over onto the show. Here’s Gifford sans makeup. Not too bad for being in her 60s!

Al’s Forecast Calls For More Makeup


Weathercaster Al Roker has been involved with TODAY in some capacity since 1990, and has been the show’s full-time weekday weather forecaster since 1996. His seniority didn’t exclude him from “No Makeup Monday,” though. Here he is with and without makeup. We think he looks great either way!

Isis Romero, San Antonio

From the sounds of it, most news anchors feel nothing but relief to take off their heavy makeup after a day in front of the cameras. Isis Romero, who is an anchor for San Antonio’s KSAT station, echoed that sentiment in a statement. “Nothing feels better than a bare face!”

Tamron Is Multi-Talented


Former TODAY anchor did her own makeup for the show every day, believe it or not! As you can see here, she does a great job but also doesn’t look like she needs any makeup at all in the “bare” photo on the right. She also shared that she styles her hair with a toothbrush… interesting.

Feeling Free

WOAI photo

Many of the newscasters on this list seem to love showing off their “real” faces to viewers. Delaine Mathieu works as an anchor at WOAI-TV. Here she is all made up, on the left, and in her natural state at home on the right. Refreshing!

Willie’s Alright


Journalist and TV personality Willie Geist seems to be everywhere on the news these days. The side-by-side comparison above is from TODAY’s “No Makeup Monday” segment. Makeup seems to even out Geist’s skin tone and cover his freckles, but we think he looks good either way!