Bad Behavior: These Celebrities Treat Their Fans Like Trash

It’s easy to idolize our favorite celebrities. But just because someone stars in our favorite movie or sings in our favorite band, doesn’t mean they’re a nice person in real life. Unfortunately, sometimes fans meet their biggest idols, only to be let down by their behavior.

From Rihanna cyberbullying one of her biggest fans to Lance Armstrong dissing a cancer survivor, you have to read these stories about the rude encounters fans had with celebrities.

Can you guess which Baywatch celeb tried to cut the line at a movie theater and then stormed out when he was told to go back?

Rihanna Cyberbullied One of Her Biggest Fans

Photo by Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images

Rihanna famously called out men everywhere in her hit single “Rude Boy,” but the singer has proved she’s got a rude streak too. In 2014, Alexis Carter, a big-time Rihanna fan and then-high school senior, donned a Rihanna-inspired bat-winged pantsuit at prom. Feeling beautiful and confident, Carter posted a picture of her outfit on Twitter.

Rihanna saw the photo and retweeted it with a sad face. She then retweeted the photo again after someone added the caption, “The Dark Thot Rises.” With more than 80 million Twitter followers, some thought it was funny, but many thought Rihanna was guilty of cyberbullying. Carter eventually said in an interview that she was “very offended,” adding that Rihanna “doesn’t love her fans like she says she does.”

Madonna Loves Swearing At Her Fans and Doesn’t Care If She’s Late To Her Own Show

Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

Madonna might be the Queen of Pop, but perhaps she’s the Queen of Mean too. Madge has a checkered past when it comes to the treatment of her fans. But in one particularly rude scenario, Madonna actually wrote “[expletive] you” instead of signing her name when a fan asked for an autograph.

Madonna is known for her tardiness and consistently shows up to her own performances late, leaving confused fans waiting for hours. Rather than apologizing though, the singer has berated her fans for complaining about her late arrival on numerous occasions. At her Manchester, England concert in 2015, she even told the crowd, “All you [expletive] who keep complaining about it can shut the [expletive] up.” She continued on saying, “If you diva [expletive] want to keep complaining about it, don’t come to my show.” Hmm…it seems to us that her fans aren’t the divas in the situation.

David Hasselhoff Tried to Cut the Line at a Movie Theater and It Didn’t Go Well


Some celebrities remain down to earth, even after they’ve become a household name. But not David Hasselhoff. Reddit user Amberwind2001 shared the unpleasant interaction she had with the Baywatch star while working at a movie theater concession stand.

Apparently, Hasselhoff cut to the front of the line, which was about 20 customers long. When Amber told him he needed to wait in line, he said, “Don’t you know who I am?” In return, she replied, “Yes, Mr. Hasselhoff, I know who you are. I’m a big fan, actually. But it’s not fair to the people who were here first to allow you to cut the line. Please step back and wait your turn.” From here, Hasselhoff exploded and the manager was called over, who told him he would need to leave or wait. He left.

It’s safe to say Christian Bale’s assistant is the hardest-working person in Hollywood.

Christian Bale Is a PR Nightmare

C Flanigan/FilmMagic

Christian Bale’s anger issues are common knowledge. Not only has the Black Knight star been caught on tape berating a crew member on set, but he was also arrested for lashing out at members of his own family during a press tour. But when it comes to his fans, his behavior is even worse.

In one instance, Bale berated a group of young girls to the point of tears after they innocently asked him for his autograph. In an even more intense instance, Bale apparently faxed an elaborate death threat to a fan. No charges were ever made, but it’s safe to say Bale is a PR nightmare and his agent deserves a raise.

Mike Myers Wants Fans To Know He Can Afford His Own Drinks


Ever wonder why you don’t hear about Mike Myers anymore? Aside from starring in a handful of box office failures (we’re looking at you, Love Guru), perhaps it’s because he’s notorious for being rude to everyone — fans included.

In one instance, a well-meaning fan was trying to meet Myers and even offered to buy the actor a drink. Apparently, the fan spotted Myers at a bar and walked up to him and said, “Hey Mike, I’m a big fan, can I buy you a beer?” A simple “No, thanks” would have sufficed but instead, Myers responded with, “I can afford my own drinks [expletive], save your money for my next movie.” Something tells us there isn’t going to be a next movie.

Michael Jordan Thinks Very Highly Of Himself

Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Michael Jordan is another celebrity we have a hard time accepting is rude to his fans, but there are so many stories of him acting out, it’s tough to deny the claims at the point. Reddit user westfunk shared one particularly rude interaction with the basketball legend.

“I have a waiter friend who took care of Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley once,” he wrote. “Apparently MJ told him that the privilege of waiting on them was his tip. Barkley slipped him a hundred on the way out and apologized.” Ouch. Jordan might school people on the court, but it looks like someone needs to school him in common courtesy.

Twilight fans made Robert Pattinson famous, so why does he think it’s cool to diss them?

Robert Pattinson Dissed The Same Fans Who Made Him Relevant and Rich

Che Rosales / Contributor

Whether he meant it or not, Robert Pattinson managed to insult millions of Twilight fans everywhere. Pattison sat down with Interview magazine and when asked about fans of the series said, “What’s really weird about Twilight fans is that they’re not really teenagers. Most of them are older.”

The actor went on to say, “Twilight has its own fan culture that existed from day one. And in an intense way that didn’t exist before. Sometimes I ask myself what these masses of people do the whole day. They sit in front of their computers and comment on anything having even remotely to do with Twilight.” Really, Robert? These are the same fans who made you relevant and rich.

Justin Bieber Won’t Take Photos With Fans

James Devaney / Contributor

When it comes to treating fans poorly, Justin Bieber has a pretty bad record. In 2013, TMZ posted photos of the then-19-year-old singer spitting over a balcony in Toronto, apparently above a crowd of fans. Bieber’s rep was quick to come to his defense, saying, “Justin didn’t spit on anyone. No fans were below the balcony.” He even added that Bieber brought his fans hot chocolate earlier that day.

Whether or not this particular instance was true, we can’t deny that the Beebs has a history of treating his fans poorly. In 2016, he was caught desecrating an Argentinian flag a fan gave him and got into a brawl with another fan later that year. He then declared on Instagram that he will no longer take photos with fans because it makes him “feel like a zoo animal.”

Mariah Carey Is The Ultimate Diva

Axelle/Bauer-Griffin / Contributor

It comes as no surprise that Mariah Carey is a diva. The legendary singer has said it herself. Still, one fan’s story of his interaction with Mimi is absurd. Reddit user Tr3v3336 shared that he had the opportunity to help set up Carey’s Los Angeles house she was renting, but the day was anything but smooth.

The crew was left waiting outside for three hours while Carey’s personal assistant refused to let them in since the star was still sleeping. When they were allowed inside, they were given a strict warning to avoid Carey and never look her in the eye. But the cherry on top of the cake came at the end of the day when Carey ordered Morton’s Steakhouse to her house for the team. As the Reddit user and another assistant came downstairs, their meals were on the ground and Carey’s dog were feasting on the delicacies. All Carey’s personal assistant said was, “You guys can get something on your way home. They were hungry.”

Sandra Bullock Lashed Out At a Fan In a Wheelchair

Theo Wargo / Staff

Many people consider Sandra Bullock to be America’s Sweetheart, but that title doesn’t give you free reign to be rude to fans. Back in 2012, Bullock was on a break while filming The Heat with co-star Melissa McCarthy. Denise Kodes and her husband approached her hoping to get an autograph.

Kodes and her husband, who is a veteran and in a wheelchair, said hello to Bullock, who promptly covered her face and began yelling at the couple to go away. Kodes later said in an interview that she understands celebrities often feel mobbed by fans, but since it was just the two of them, they were left completely shocked by how rude Bullock was to them.

Cameron Diaz Probably Won’t Give You An Autograph

Gilbert Carrasquillo/FilmMagic

With all of the fun, high-energy roles Cameron Diaz takes on, it’s hard to imagine her being any other way in person. But off camera, the actress is apparently pretty standoffish when it comes to interacting with fans.

Diaz is known for being notoriously reluctant to sign autographs or take photos with anyone, even when it’s a part of the job. In fact, witnesses told Radar Online that she snubbed an entire crowd at a 2014 premiere. After a fan finally asked why he couldn’t get an autograph, Diaz was reported saying, “If I did it for you, I’d have to do it for everyone,” before storming off.

Her co-star Jason Segel might be just as rude!

We Don’t Want to Believe Jason Segel Is Rude

Rich Polk/Getty Images for IMDb

If there is one celebrity we want to believe is full of love for his fans, it’s funnyman Jason Segel. But apparently, even the hilarious ones can have a mean streak. While Segel has been praised by fans for his cheerful interaction with them, the Forgetting Sarah Marshall star was called out for being mean at a 2014 premiere.

At this event in particular, a 20-year-old fan asked the star for a picture. Not only did he reportedly say no, but witnesses claim Segel slammed the car door in the girl’s face. It seems that this is Segel’s first offense, so we’re going to give him the benefit of the doubt!

Rachael Ray Degraded a Hotel Concierge

Adela Loconte/WireImage

Rachael Ray might be down-to-earth in the kitchen, but in real life, the cooking personality is apparently a pretty big diva. For years, numerous fans who’ve attended a live taping of her show have confirmed that she’s cold and unwelcoming to her fans once the cameras turn off.

But being cold is nowhere near as bad as degrading fans. While on tour, Ray had some less-than-nice words for a hotel concierge who was trying to help her. While the employee was speaking with her, Ray looked at him and said, “I need stupid people not to talk to me right now” and walked away. We get going on a nationwide tour is stressful, but have some decency!

When a Fan Tried to Give Megan Fox a Rose, She Swatted It Away

Angelictears / Twitter

Megan Fox captured the hearts of straight men everywhere after starring in a handful of sultry films. One of these men, in particular, became known as the “Boy with the Yellow Rose.” While arriving at an award show for Transformers, the young, unidentified man handed Fox a yellow rose — well, he tried to. But Fox was so overwhelmed by the paparazzi she ignored him, even swatting at his sweet gesture.

The picture quickly made the rounds on the internet and fans criticized Fox for being mean to the young man. Eventually, she apologized on tape and even said she would personally apologize to him if she finds out his name!

Laurence Fishburne Has a Hard Time Being Nice

Noel Vasquez / Contributor

Seriously, how hard is it to sign an autograph or two and be on your way? Apparently for Laurence Fishburne, it’s impossible. The Mystic River star snubbed a group of high schoolers after refusing to meet them.

The group of teens was visiting the set of Mystic River and got to meet all of the lead actors, except for Fishburne. Fishburne’s assistant went to find the actor, who was in his trailer. The group of students trailed behind her as she knocked on his door and said they wanted to meet him. His reply was a blunt, “Tell ‘em to go [expletive] themselves.”

Up next: don’t even think about asking Deadmau5 for a picture.

Don’t Ask Deadmau5 For a Picture

Michael Tullberg / Contributor

Deadmau5, also known as Joel Zimmerman, is a Canadian electronic music producer and six-time Grammy nominee. But despite his musical accolades, Zimmerman won’t be receiving any awards for his manners anytime soon.

Numerous fans have shared their less-than-pleasant interactions with Deadmau5 on the website Mean Stars. One fan named Akraz wrote that the musician used to be his idol until he gave him the finger and told him to [expletive] off after asking for a photo together. Come on, is it really that hard to take a photo with someone?

Lance Armstrong Showed He Doesn’t Really Care About His Fans

Bryn Lennon / Staff

Lance Armstrong has lived quite the life so far. The professional cyclist was famously diagnosed with a potentially fatal metastatic testicular cancer in 1996. His cancer went into remission and he founded the Lance Armstrong Foundation to help other cancer survivors during their fight. So, why did the athlete act so rude to a fellow cancer survivor?

Reddit user Remington_Snatch took his seven-year-old brother to meet Armstrong at an event. His brother was a cancer survivor and idolized Armstrong in every way. When the athlete was right next to the boy, the Reddit user shared his little brother’s story. Armstrong’s response? “Yeah whatever, I don’t really care.”

Toby Keith Dissed a Group of Deployed Soldiers

Ethan Miller / Staff

Toby Keith loves to boast about his patriotism, but he was anything but when he dissed a group of soldiers. Keith was doing a USO tour and came to Iraq to perform. The musician had a Distinguished Visitor tent set up for him to hangout for six or so hours before he flight, so a group of soldiers walked over, hoping they could meet him.

Instead, they were blocked by guards and Keith shouted out, “Tell the airmen they can take a picture of me when they take my bags to the plane.” Keith had the chance to make these soldiers’ deployment better, but he chose to take the low road.

Why you gotta be so rude, William Shatner?

William Shatner Is Mean To Everyone

Albert L. Ortega / Contributor

Sometimes a celebrity has a bad day and lashes out of a fan without meaning it. But sometimes, a celebrity is just a mean person. Case in point, William Shatner. Shatner has a pretty tarnished reputation when it comes to how he treats his fans (and let’s be honest, everyone else).

Reddit user kovu159 share his rude encounter with the star. “I’ve dealt with him on film projects, at comic conventions and on a sponsorship deal, and he’s universally a [expletive] to everyone,” he wrote. “Making volunteers cry, telling fans to pose a certain way or he won’t take their picture, refusing to say even a word to people who paid $100 for an autograph. He needs help.”

Gene Simmons Made Insensitive Comments About Mental Illness

Hannah Foslien / Stringer

Sure, Gene Simmons has lived the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle for the better part of his life, but that doesn’t give him the OK to make insensitive comments about mental illness — which is exactly what he did in 2014. While in an interview with Songfacts, he told the publication, “I’m the guy who says ‘jump!’ when there’s a guy on top of a building who says, ‘That’s it, I can’t take it anymore, I’m going to jump.”

Unfortunately, Simmons harsh commentary didn’t stop there. The KISS bass player went on to say, “Are you kidding? Why are you announcing it? Shut the [expletive] up, have some dignity and jump. You’ve got the crowd.” There’s a lot we have to say about this, but we’ll leave it at yikes.