Backstage Secrets About Working At Disney, The “Happiest” Place On Earth

After leaving their roles, cast members of Disney have shared some of the secrets they learned while working in the parks. These tidbits of information are sure to shock you.

Appearance Is Everything

Appearance Is Everything

When you accept a job at Walt Disney World, you agree to follow some pretty strict appearance guidelines. Disney wants to make sure all of their employees are always aware of the rules, so rumor has it that all the regulations and guidelines on how you can dress and act are stored in a pocket-sized book. Interestingly, a version of a Disney employee policy manual appears online. It states on one page that “Employees may not, without permission from an authorized member of management, disclose data or information of a proprietary or confidential nature concerning the Company to anyone not employed by the Company, or to another employee who has no need for or right to know such data or information.”

No word on whether the information we compiled for this list was released by current employees who were willing to risk their jobs, or from former employees who were left feeling disgruntled by the mouse for some reason.

Read on to see what some of Disney’s secret rules are!