Are This Boy’s Strange Memories Evidence Of Reincarnation?

As humans inevitably find themselves faced with the prospect of death, it’s only natural that the topic of life after death would be something of great interest. No doubt as a result of this, a common theme in nearly all religions known to man is some sort of belief in a life after death.

This belief takes many different forms, including dying and being raised to heaven, being resurrected to a paradise earth, and having your soul reincarnated into the body of a new human being.

It’s this last belief – that of reincarnation – that is central to the story of Ryan Hammons, a young boy from the Midwest. This story is unlike anything you’ve heard before, and may even have you questioning your own thoughts on the afterlife.

The Story Begins In An Unlikely Place

The Story Begins In An Unlikely Place

You wouldn’t necessarily think that a story about reincarnation would be linked with a scientist, but that’s exactly where this story begins. Dr. Jim Tucker works at the University of Virginia as an associate professor of psychiatry and neurobehavioral sciences. During the course of his career, Dr. Tucker spent much of his time studying children who were classified as old souls, examining how their brains process information. It was only relatively recently, however, that he started to spend more of his research time studying children who not only appeared to be an old soul but potentially also have an old soul. The children that he studied claimed to actually remember living a previous life.