Are The Clues To This Woman’s Disappearance In A Decades-Old Cold Case?

This is Denise Beaudin. She went out for dinner one November evening with her boyfriend Robert “Bob” Evans. She was never to be seen again.


Her parents would discover that Denise had gone missing the next day. They went to visit her at her apartment and found that neither she nor her boyfriend or her baby daughter was there. They didn’t raise an alarm at first because they believed that the family had run away due to financial problems.

In fact, it would be decades before the alarm was raised. Her parents were not moved to approach the police until a strange occurrence nearly 30 years later. Denise’s daughter, now 35 years old, came back into their lives. She wanted to know where her mother had gone.

When it was realized that nobody knew where Denise had gone, they decided to contact police and soon it became very clear that they should have talked to them before. The police opened a criminal case based on the reports of her disappearance.

Why? Because there’s a decades-old case which may hold the clue to Denise’s disappearance. Sadly, it may also indicate that there is no happy return for Denise on the horizon. The authorities believe that the answer to everything will be with her boyfriend Robert Evans. Robert Evans has, they believe, a dark history.

He was a chief suspect in connection with the murder of a woman and three children. The bodies of the woman and a single child were discovered wrapped in a blanket and stuffed in an old oil drum in 1985. The bodies of the other two children would not be discovered until the year 2000.

In a strange quirk of fate, their bodies had also been dumped in a similar manner nearby to where the first bodies had been found. Neither the woman nor any of the children have been identified.

In 1988, Evan was arrested – under an assumed name of Gerald Mockerman – for child molestation. He would subsequently be charged also with child abandonment. He served 3 years in jail at this point before disappearing.

He would surface again, this time for an even more abhorrent crime, in 2001. He had married a Korean immigrant called Eunsoon Jun. Then he murdered her. Following that, he would dismember her body and bury her under the flooring of his home. It was two years later when he received a life sentence for his actions and he died in custody in 2010.

It wasn’t until Denise’s daughter re-appeared that the police were able to make some connections. DNA testing on the girl had led her to Denise’s parents and they had finally learned that Denise had not run away, as they had always assumed.


With the daughter’s testimony and descriptions from both of Denise’s parents, the police were able to link Denise to Evans on a formal basis and while her body has never been discovered, it is presumed that she was murdered by Evans shortly after they disappeared from home.