Architect Magically Transforms Cement Factory Into Breathtaking Home

Architecture has been viewed as an incredibly powerful and romantic (as well as the obvious highly skilled) career, so much so that novelist Ayn Rand created a protagonist and hero whose entire importance revolved around his architecture. In northern Spain, architect Ricardo Bofill and his team have brought the romantic dream of that profession alive. Bofill was born into a family of builders and leads Ricardo Bofill Taller de Arquitectura, a world-famous architectural company.


Discovering a Lost Treasure

In 1973, architect Ricardo Bofill discovered a cement factory from the World War I era that had been deserted and left to the elements.”I found enormous silos, a tall smokestack, four kilometers of underground tunnels, and machine rooms in good shape,” he said in a statement. “I already imagined future spaces and noticed that the different aesthetic and plastic tendencies that had developed since World War I were present in this factory.”

This cement factory, dating from the first period of the industrialization of Barcelona, was not built at once or as a whole but was a series of additions as the various chains of production became necessary,” says Bofill.