An Abandoned Mansion In NYC Raises Questions

New York City is one of the most populated cities in America with over 8.5 million residents. You would think that as skyscrapers are built up and rent prices skyrocket to accommodate the quarter million people who move there each year, there isn’t any room for secrets. Where would they hide? From deep inside the cavernous subway tunnels (which are constantly under construction) to the tippy top of the Empire State, there’s seemingly not an inch of the five boroughs that have gone unexplored.

So, How Does An Abandoned Mansion Remain Fully Intact And Completely Filled With Mystery?

photo credit: Bryan Sansivero
photo credit: Bryan Sansivero

Not a whole lot is known about this abandoned mansion just a few miles outside of the bustling heart of Times Square, yet it remains almost entirely untouched. A photographer named Bryan Sansivero made his way through the abandoned property and delivered a collection of beautifully haunting images.

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