Actors That Were Never The Same After Playing A Particular Role

Sometimes, acting on the big screen might seem like a walk in the park. You get paid well, you’re famous, and you get to enjoy all of the perks of being a Hollywood star. Yet, it’s easy to forget how stressful acting can be on an individual’s psyche when they spend months (and sometimes even years) essentially living as someone else. This can become even more detrimental if the film or the character they’re portraying is especially dark, twisted, or highly emotional. Actors don’t always get to just walk away from a character, so take a look at some actors that were deeply affected after playing a certain role.

Val Kilmer – The Doors

Val Kilmer
Tri-Star Pictures
Tri-Star Pictures

Val Kilmer starred as rock and roll icon Jim Morrison in Oliver Stone’s 1991 The Doors. While there was some controversy regarding the content of the film, there was no denying that Kilmer brought Morrison back from the dead. He learned to sing 50 of The Doors’ songs, spending countless hours in the studio watching interviews and studying Morrison’s mannerisms.

He asked to be called Jim on set and apparently, the line between Kilmer and Morrison became blurred to the point that he needed therapy to get him out. Producer Paul Rothchild, who was a friend of Morrison’s, said that Kilmer knew him better than Jim knew himself.