Absolute Worst Wedding Day Disasters

Most brides dream about their wedding from the time they are little girls. They obsess over venues and color schemes and decor and dresses up until the big day. But no matter how much you plan, Murphy’s Law is always right around the corner proving that anything that can go wrong will go wrong!

Of course, almost no wedding is 100 percent perfect. The bride could trip her way down the aisle. Dinner plates can get mixed up or the cake is not exactly as you ordered it. For most of us, we get past these tiny mistakes and enjoy the day. Other mishaps are true disasters and there is no ignoring them. They will be in our memories forever and the talk of the family for just as long.

See Ya Later

Tricked into attending his own wedding? No thank-you! A former wedding decorator, @pretendparades on Instagram shares this horror story:

“I worked as a wedding decorator for 5 years, and while this is not my own wedding, it’s still pretty bad. Two years ago we did the decor for a really pretty ceremony, and halfway through the day we found out it was a ‘surprise wedding’. Basically, they were not engaged, but the bride planned the whole thing and the groom showed up at the golf course thinking he was just playing a regular round of golf. Nope. He walked into his own wedding, saw her standing at the altar, and peaced out. As he should have.”


Finding the perfect venue is hard work, especially when they keep burning down. Rivetbob shares this ominous story:

“I live in Colorado Springs, CO. Friends of ours got married last year. They were going to get hitched the year prior at The Flying W ranch (a tourist attraction west of the Springs) but it burned down in a massive forest fire. So they rescheduled the wedding for the next year at a B&B in Black Forest, CO (just outside of C. Springs). Another forest fire happened and the mandatory evacuations prevented them from using that venue. They ended up poaching a public park near a pond for their big day instead. It turned out beautifully.”

Blaring Music

DJs have their minds on the music, not the ceremony, as is obvious in this story shared by justanaprilfool:

“The location we had our wedding at had a reception party planned for later in the day in the room next to where we were. During the opening prayer of our ceremony, the dj next door decided it was time to turn the music on full blast starting with Under the Boardwalk. We heard a few stifled laughs in the audience and I found it hard to focus and keep a straight face myself. One of my friends in attendance ran over to the next room to find the dj had left. Not knowing how to turn off the equipment, he just unplugged everything until it stopped. The rest went fine until we were announced as a couple and the preacher announced us as Mr and Mrs my father’s name. I rolled my eyes and the only picture we have of the moment shows me with a look akin to sarcasm bear’s. Wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Throwing Butterflies

There are many beautiful additions people can use to make their weddings more memorable. Some people still use rice. Others have switched to birdseed. Yet some have chosen to release butterflies after the ceremony. It sounds like a beautiful idea, but as bench man warns us, be aware of the climate and the behavior of the butterflies.

“My wife wanted to release butterflies at the end of our ceremony. It was an outdoor ceremony and apparently, butterflies don’t like to flutter when it’s cold. When my mom and MIL went to release the butterflies it looked liked they tossed into the air two boxes of dead butterflies, making it look like some morbid version of throwing rice.”

Unity Candle Won’t Light

Anything can go wrong during the wedding ceremony. It is heartbreaking at first, but you have got to move on and not take it as a bad sign of things to come. This is what happened to straitsofdire who posted her personal wedding mishap on Reddit.

“Our ‘unity candle’ failed to light from our two individual candles. After somewhere between 10 seconds and eternity, the priest coughed loudly and made a ‘move along’ gesture. We left the unity candle smoldering, but unlit. Married 25 years, we still have the candle, never lit since.” That’s proof that the wedding doesn’t reflect the marriage.

Mean Priest

You would think that a priest would behave himself during a wedding ceremony, but not this one. He thought it was just peachy to holler at the groom’s father, a man who barely spoke any English. This Reddit poster said it happened at her sister’s wedding.

“Her father-in-law is Venezuelan and doesn’t speak English real well. He didn’t understand the priest when he said not to get out your Browning’s. That old crusty mother— didn’t even use the modern word for CAMERA. Photography is not allowed inside Catholic Churches I guess. Anyway, her father-in-law stands up to take a photo. Man this part kills me because he was so happy for his son and just wanted a photo of the moment. The Priest slams his bible down mid-ceremony and yells at him in front of everyone. Not speaking barely any English and all he was so confused as to why the priest was upset. He sat down looking so defeated and confused. After the ceremony that crusty [explicit language] pickle was bragging about keeping his flock or some [explicit language] in line and that you sometimes have to yell at em’. I still hate that guy.”

DJ Bride

When life hands you an emotionally depressed DJ, hand the job over to the bride. That is what happened at berlinblades’ wedding.

“Our DJ got dumped the night before and was playing break up songs. There was a mini-crisis, as everybody left the dance floor. We fired her, managed to get a netbook, of all things, and a USB stick full of crowd-pleasing tunes. The bride ended up DJing for a few hours, until a replacement DJ could be found. This actually turned out to be an unexpected hit, as it gave the guests who weren’t at the ceremony a chance to talk to the bride, and request some songs. Plus the big black headphones and mixer looks cool with a wedding dress.”

Wedding Coordinator Drunk

A good and sober wedding coordinator is an absolute big wedding necessity. But when the coordinator shows up drunk and gets it on with the best man, expect trouble. A former photobooth owner, Joliet_Jake_Blues, tells his wedding disaster story:

“I briefly owned a photobooth business that was hired mainly for weddings. The worst thing I saw was the wedding planner showed up drunk and/or high and disappeared with the best man (brother of the groom) to go hook up. So no one was in charge and the ceremony had to be delayed while people went to find the best man. He also couldn’t be found for his speech. The DJ delayed several times. They tried to have “love” in my photobooth, so I took her by the arm and told her everyone knew she was wasted and they all hated her. Pretty harsh, but even I was p-ssed at her as I tried to help the bride and DJ coordinate the event. The wedding coordinator left during dinner. We did our best, but the wedding sucked and the bride was pretty upset that nothing worked out. She gave the DJ and I an extra hundred bucks for our efforts, and laughed when I told her that I told off the wedding coordinator.”

The Disgruntled Mother In Law

There are some situations that just can’t be handled. You just have to let them be, and get on with your wedding, such as the case of vonescher’s FIL’s bitter wife.

“My FIL’s wife of the time attempted to ruin our wedding. The week before our wedding, she sent my mother an email that I (the bride) was/am too good for her stepson, then messaged me that she had decided not to wear the dress she and I had picked out. She refused to come to the wedding rehearsal, then showed up on the day of in a garish, skimpy outfit. She wouldn’t speak to anyone or smile and just sat there with her arms crossed the whole day. We just ignored her, even when she threw away all the leftovers from the post-ceremony brunch that my husband and his best guys catered (they’re all cooks/chefs). My FIL divorced her the following year.”

Terrible Wedding Photos

We all want to get the best photos of our weddings for memory’s sake. Many people ask a friend or relative to take the wedding photos and this can often work out pretty well. What we don’t expect is terrible photos from a professional photographer. On Reddit, PHASERStoFAB sahres her story:

“Wedding photographer was [explicit language]. Charged us $1500 and gave us 3 usable pictures. My family is black and the way she edited the photos makes us look grayish purple. I brought this to her attention and her way of fixing it was putting a Sepia tint on the entire picture. Thanks. We demanded a refund and got one but not til after we threatened small claims court and posting bad reviews. She didn’t post any of our pictures to her blog or portfolio cause she knew they were bad but insisted we didn’t deserve a refund.”

Family Acting Up

Emotions run high when it comes to weddings and family can be a real pain in the bottom. Just ask Reddit’s begra23:

“My husband and I got pregnant while planning our wedding. My parents found out and moved the ceremony date closer. Two weeks before the wedding we lost our child. Not only was that hard enough, my mother took it upon herself to cancel our wedding. Catering, music, venue, guests. Even SOLD MY DRESS. We still kept our date. My parents refused to come to our impromptu wedding because, in their minds, we were only getting married because we were pregnant. Also, my Aunt (father’s sister) decided to tell my father that my husband threatened my mother. My aunt was mad because we moved our wedding date before my cousins wedding. (The marriage ended 9 months later.) So my wedding was canceled, parents didn’t come to my wedding. We had the nice intimate wedding we wanted with my husband’s family and our close friends. We had an amazing picnic reception and a kickass after party. Stress aside, we had our perfect day in the long run.”

Cake Smash

When it comes to cake, we can all get a bit excited. After all is said and done, and you and your partner survived the actual ceremony, make sure you don’t repeat what happened to this overzealous couple. Take it easy during the reception and especially when it comes time to the cake feeding ceremony. reenybobeeny tells us:

“This didn’t happen to me, but to my cousin. During the cake-cutting portion of the evening, her new husband thought it would be funny to smash a piece of cake on her face. He miscalculated, and ended up essentially punching her in the mouth, chipping her front teeth and cutting her face. The reception ended shortly thereafter.”

Worst Best Man Speech

Always be very careful who you ask to be your best man. You just never know what sort of embarrassing information will come out at speech time. There have been instances of best men bringing up cheating and, in kiwimark’s case, the best man brought up an incident in the past that left the family angry.

“At my friend’s sister’s wedding the best man’s speech caused so much pain the family have not spoken to him since. He said “Mike has always been a greedy bastard. I remember once when we all got hookers in Amsterdam, and he got three!’”

Jealous Girlfriends

Jealous girlfriends can be a problem when you are planning out who will be in your wedding. lejade tells us his fun experience with his best man and the best man’s girlfriend:

“Best man’s girlfriend got drunk and angry that she wasn’t sitting at the bridal party table. Best man got angry and they both walked out at the start of the reception after the girlfriend tried to fight my maid of honor and the staff at the venue. After they left the reception they went and trashed an onsite cabin we were all staying in and the crazy girlfriend was taken away by police. Nothing like getting pulled out of your own wedding to go talk to the police. Tried not to let it ruin the night, but my husband was pretty devastated as it was his best mate of 14 years. Still haven’t talked to them and it has been 2.5 months.”

A False Accusation

People who make false accusations are the worst. Just ask aerialsinthepi:

“A coworker of my husband’s (whom he had known for a week) accused him of sexually assaulting her a MONTH TO THE DAY before my wedding. After my wedding was canceled by my family, thousands down the drain in wedding prep and lawyer bills, and trust issues arising between my now-husband and I (who had to settle for a courthouse wedding), she confessed to being in love with my husband and had to stop him from making a mistake. I’ve never wished so much pain on a person before.”

Messed Up The Bride’s Name

We have all heard of the priests who’ve called people by the wrong names, but how about a Father-in-law? _timm tells his cringe-worthy wedding story.

“My wife and I eloped and got married overseas, but there was a party for family and friends when we got back. My family insisted on traditional speeches, which was our downfall. My father repeatedly called my wife by my ex’s name and had to have it repeatedly pointed out to him before he corrected himself. The first time it happened I was standing in the sun with it arms around my wife, feeling pretty great about life. Then he dropped the faux pas bomb and I immediately went cold inside. No one responded at first and I thought “[explicit language], maybe that didn’t just happen.” My older sister was standing next to me and a second later she let out a pained cry and then sunk her head into her hands. A very palpable shudder then moved through the crowd as everyone cringed in unison. The night kinda fizzled after that. So much awkward.”

The Flower Girl’s Petals

Sometimes it is the flower girl that acts up at the wedding. She might be too shy to walk down the aisle or she might pick her nose in public. In this Reddit comment, puggingfarmer tells us what happened at her brother’s wedding.

“My daughter was a flower girl at my brother and sister in laws wedding. She walked down the aisle scattering her petals daintily then, when she came to end, realized she’d run out flowers and proceeded to turn around and start picking them back up. To get down the aisle the bride and her bridesmaids had to literally walk around her and myself, who was desperately trying to pull her away while she screeched ‘I want my flowers mummy!’ I was crying with laughter, the bride looked like she wanted to shove those bastard petals where the sun doesn’t shine. This stuff is only ever cute when it’s not your wedding…”

Battle Of The Moms

Moms can be a great source of strength during a wedding. They can also work very hard to screw the whole thing up. BurnPhoenix shares her wedding disaster story:

“My (the bride) mother went full-on monster and tore a warpath through my wedding party and guests that we now refer to as ‘Hurricane Beth.’ His (the groom) mother had a panic attack and didn’t make it to the wedding. We tried to wait for her but after 45 minutes of waiting (and some horrible words from my mother) we decided to go on without her. She arrived almost 3 hours after the wedding. There was also drama between his mom and dad, who were recently divorced and couldn’t just stop being ridiculous for one day.”

Spit Take

What’s one of the last things you’d expect to take place during your honeymoon phase? How about being spat on by complete strangers? That’s exactly what happened to billionaire Sean Parker and his new bride after their lavish Big Sur, California, wedding in 2013.

Parker, who made his money co-founding Napster and serving as VP of Facebook, and his wife held their wedding in a Redwood grove. Soon after the event, local environmental groups began spreading word that the couple had damaged the endangered trees during their big bash. Parker and his bride deny these claims and say that they were forced to cancel their honeymoon after being harassed in public, including being spat on and having insults hurled at them.

It’s Too Cold To Wed

Being from California, it can be easy to complain about the weather when you head somewhere east and the temperature is too cold for comfort. That can be applied when anybody goes through a climate change. This man had to go to the hospital during his wedding because he was too cold!

“I got hypothermia (I’m from the sub-tropics and we had a winter wedding in Canada) during the outdoor photography and missed the reception because I was in the hospital — with my brand new wife, who was still in her wedding dress.”

A Silent Protest

Speak now or forever hold your peace is what those in attendance of weddings are usually told before the bride and groom make it official. It doesn’t happen often that someone wants to interject but it can happen in other ways so always be wary.

“My mom’s best friend (and maid of honor) showed up the day of my mom’s first wedding with her head shaved. Apparently, she was in love with the groom and this was her silent protest. The marriage only lasted two years and the groom eventually married the maid of honor.”

Cool Poem, Wrong Time

There’s always a time and a place for everything, but this justice of peace person chose the wrong time.

“The justice of peace was running late. When she finally arrives, she loudly proclaims that she had bowel problems and couldn’t get out of the bathroom. When asked why she didn’t call and let us know, she just shrugged and said, ‘Well, I’m here now.’ We make it through the vows no problem. Then she asks to read a poem that she picked out for the wedding. It turns out that the poem is about the plight of the Native Americans. Neither my wife nor I are Native American, so this particular poem at this time seemed odd and out of place.”

The Band Killed Their Set

Weddings are supposed to be a memorable day and one of the most important days in a groom and bride’s life. As you can tell by going through this list, it doesn’t always end up that way and sometimes things can take a turn for the worst. And one of the worst things that can happen is if someone actually lost their life during the ceremony.

“My dad played in a band at a wedding where the bride’s uncle dropped dead in her arms on the dance floor. Talk about bringing the party to a halt.”

Two Fires Lead To A Pond

This story starts off as a bad omen but it actually ends quite nicely. What would you do if the venue you were supposed to be married at got destroyed?

“Friends of ours were going to get hitched at The Flying W Ranch in Colorado Springs, Colorado, but it burned down in a massive forest fire. So they rescheduled the wedding for the next year at a B&B in Black Forest, Colorado. Another forest fire happened and the mandatory evacuations prevented them from using that venue. They ended up poaching a public park near a pond for their big day instead. It turned out beautifully.”

Don’t Let Him Loose!

Children can make a wedding so special. They are often times the cherry on top by adding that extra factor of adorableness as if the bride and groom committing to each other until death isn’t already romantic enough. When the kids have roles in the wedding, that makes it so much better. But sometimes they can also cause a bit of drama. You must always be aware of where your child is or something could happen.

“My 3-year-old brother got loose and pulled the fire alarm during the ceremony. They definitely got their ‘memorable’ moment.”

The Power Of Pandora

We all know those who think they’re a DJ because they know how to use an AUX cord. Where are all the real DJ’s at? Because the AUX cord isn’t cutting it for a wedding. Too bad Pandora had to be utilized for this wedding.

“Fifty percent of the people who RSVPed didn’t come. My brother-in-law who volunteered to DJ didn’t actually bring any DJ equipment, so our reception was powered by Pandora. He also said he would video the ceremony and highlights of the reception but didn’t bring his video camera.”

The Mother In Law We Don’t Want

We’ve heard horror stories about in-laws who make your life a wreck. All you want to do is be friends with them and for them to show the same respect but sometimes they are overbearing.

“The last several months my mother-in-law-to-be can’t stop comparing everything to my fiancé’s first wedding with his ex-wife! She insisted I get fake flowers because that is what the ex-used, that I get my cake from this bakery because it’s what the ex-used, that the ex would never send out just one wedding invitation per guest. It’s been infuriating!”

A Control Freak Wants It Their Way

Well, it is their wedding so wouldn’t it make sense that the bride wants the wedding to go exactly how she envisioned it? Too bad things never go exactly as planned (maybe once or twice) so this bridesmaid took control to a new level.

“I couldn’t go more than two days in the entire year before the wedding without hearing from the bride. If we didn’t respond to her immediately, it was followed by a text and then a call! She got into a fight with the church because of the lighting, yelled at the florist because the flowers didn’t match the dresses and she even fired one of the bridesmaids for putting on too much weight before the wedding!”

Too Drunk For Operation

Being a hair stylist for a wedding can be a lot of pressure. You’re the one that helps make the bride look amazing. But it can hard to do that if everyone is drunk.

“My career as a hair and makeup artist has given me a lot of crazy wedding horror stories. Once, a friend of a friend asked me to travel two hours to a location. I arrived and everyone was pretty stressed out. I began working on the bridesmaids, who started acting stranger and stranger. Trying to get those girls ready was like wrangling cats! Apparently, one of them had stolen a bottle of liquor from the bar and they were all getting trashed. One of the bridesmaids stunk up the bathroom so bad.”

Watch Out For That Wheel!

The bride’s dress is one of the more important factors of the wedding. Women have dreams of what they want to look like in their wedding dress and they can’t wait until they find the perfect one. If something goes wrong with their highly sought after dress then you know that it is all bad!

Nicky Hilton’s Valentino veil was trapped under the wheel of a Bently that showed up to the wedding. Words can’t describe the anguish she must have felt during that moment. We wonder how badly the veil was ruined by that expensive wheel.

Cold Feet Means Lost Money

Before you choose the person you want to marry, it’s a great idea to make sure your parents approve of this person. You never know what could happen when it gets close to saying “I do”.

“I’m a baker and once had a groom cancel on his bride the week before the wedding. His parents essentially didn’t want their son marrying this girl and adamantly refused to pay any of the vendors, even after they were already booked. All the vendors lost out on final payments as both parents just stopped returning big calls and emails.”

Why Get Married In The First Place?

Imagine being a bride and you find out almost immediately that your new husband has been around the block with a guest at the wedding! Some guys have no shame.

“I was a guest at a friend’s wedding, whose groom I’d only met once before the wedding. It only took one meeting to know that it would be really hard for him to stay committed to any woman. Towards the end of the reception and dozens of drinks later, the groom was missing. He was later found by a bridesmaid in the bathroom getting it on with another female guest!”

Make Sure Your Dress Is Secure

Probably a common nightmare brides and bridesmaids share is the thought of their gown ripping during or before the wedding with no time to fix it or get a new one. What can you do in a time like that?

“I’m a wedding planner, and I received a distressed phone call from one of my brides on her big day, moments before she was to leave for her ceremony. One of the bridesmaid’s custom gown had completely ripped open at the zipper, exposing all of her delicate bits. Fortunately, a member of the bride’s family was a seamstress and was able to sew the bridesmaid into the dress faster than the time it took for the dress shop owner to arrive on-site.”

It’s Tornado Season…

If the lifeguard is telling you that sharks are in the water and there is a slight chance you can be safe, would you get in any way? Kansas City is known for having crazy weather and tornados are apart of that.

“I was a bridesmaid in a friend’s wedding, which took place in Kansas City in May — peak tornado season in the Midwest. The day of the wedding was ripe for storms and forecasters had our area in a tornado watch zone all day. About an hour before the wedding started, tornado sirens started blaring! The bridal party had to take shelter underground in her house for nearly an hour.

These Are No Guests Of Mine!

When the day of your wedding comes, chances are you want to follow a strict plan that you have been prepping for. It would be great if your husband told you about any unexpected visitors.

“The plans for my wedding day were to meet at the church at 2:30 p.m., get my makeup done and prepare for a 5 p.m. wedding. Instead, at 9 a.m., the doorbell rang and there were 12 members of the groom’s family expecting to be fed and entertained. What? My fiancé and I lived together and he forgot to tell me that the custom in his country is to show up at the groom’s house first thing and spend the day bonding and partying before heading to the church caravan-style!”

No Lights, Camera, Action, Please!

When you get married, some want it to be a big ordeal while others just want a few close family members and friends. Well, this couple wanted the whole nation to view it.

“A college friend had her wedding recorded for the TV show A Wedding Story, and the behind-the-scenes filming created an absolute nightmare. The church’s altar was crowded with production equipment, leaving little room for the clergy or wedding party. The pastor opened the ceremony by stating that while he was there to marry the bride and groom, he would much rather have been marrying off the television production crew.”

Ketchup Everywhere!

Wearing all white is always a risky task. And it is an even greater risk during your wedding. Word to wise, no ketchup at weddings.

“My dad was at a wedding where there were all sorts of ‘pristine and exquisite’ sauces and garnishes (it was basically re-bottled ketchup, and mayo). And when people got their food they would just garnish it however they wanted, my dad reached for the ketchup and tried to get some out. But, keeping to the order of ketchup, none came out. So he shook the ketchup like anyone else would to allow it to flow out. One problem, he forgot to put the cap on just as he shook it in a motion over his shoulder, who was behind him? The bride…in her white dress. Our family isn’t in contact with them anymore.”

Pizza Delivery

Winter weddings are tough to plan. You have to place weather considerations first and foremost, especially if you live in an area that is prone to heavy snows. A former pizza delivery guy tells us how he saved a wedding party during a heavy snowfall.

“In my younger years I worked as a delivery driver for Pizza Hut in a mountain town in Colorado. During a particularly bad storm on a Friday night we got a call for a ton of pizzas, breadsticks, salads, the works. Dude told me his daughter got married and the caterer couldn’t make it through the mountains. His words were ‘bring the whole damn restaurant.’ I did my best with another employee. He gave us both $50 tips!”

A Double-Booking!?

It would be amazing if things went accordingly on the day of your wedding. It would be even better if matters didn’t get complicated before the wedding either. Too bad that wasn’t the case for this couple. Their wedding got complicated even before they stepped down any aisle.

“The venue called to say that they had double-booked two weeks before the wedding date, asking if we could move it to another weekend.” That type of news can put anyone in a mode of panic and rage. How dare they mess the logistics up like that?