A Closer Look At Michelle Pfeiffer, Siren Of The 80s And 90s

If you lived through the 80s or 90s, Michelle Marie Pfeiffer was an iconic and stunning actress whose work you’re all too familiar with. She was one of the world’s biggest stars and has won numerous awards during her film career, which includes iconic roles in films like Scarface, Batman Returns and Dangerous Minds. But what did Michelle’s journey from Califonia to Hollywood look like, and what was it that catapulted her work into the public eye and brought her the fame and fortune that so many desire but so few attain? Let’s take a look.

Humble Beginnings

Humble Beginnings

One of the nice things about Hollywood stardom is that it’s possible for anyone from anywhere to get their big break if they work hard enough for it. Michelle Pfeiffer began life with a small family in Santa Ana, California. Her father, Richard Pfeiffer, worked as a contractor on air-conditioning projects and her mother, Donna, was a devoted housewife and mother to Michelle and her three siblings.


Michelle’s sister, Deedee Pfeiffer, is also an actress, while her brother, Rick, and her other sister, Lori, both went into more common professions. The family moved to Midway City, California when Michelle was young, and that was where she grew up.