20 Miracle Birth Stories You Won’t Believe Are True

There are many complications when it comes to the complex process of giving birth, but these put the rest to shame. Check out the craziest birth stories you will have the read to believe.

61-Year-Old Grandmother Gives Birth To Grandchild

Have you seen the Friends episode where Phoebe is her brother’s surrogate for him and his over-aged wife’s triplets? Well, this story is not far off and it’s actually real. In a beautiful act of selflessness and true motherhood, 61-year-old and future grandmother Kristine Casey saw her daughter was broken down from two failed pregnancies and decided to be her surrogate.


After taking several tests and being cleared for postmenopausal birth, Kristine gave birth to Sara’s baby making it one of the rarest and most special birth moments on our list. Imagine how special their connection is going to be as grandmother and grandson!