16 Incredible Face Transplants, and How They Work

Typically, a face transplant is carried out by utilizing extra tissue on the body, and reconstructing facial features. Transplants are needed for a number of reasons; severe burns, battle wounds, cancer. And because of today’s more innovative tactics, modern medicine paired with the best surgeons has led to some incredible transformations.

We have to tell you, some of these pictures are not for the faint of heart. The slides at the end can be a little unpleasant for some, unless you’ve got the stomach of a medical professional.

How It Works: A Face Transplant


It is first important to understand why face transplants are so difficult.Think of it this way; it is the only location where all five senses are present (see, feel, taste, hear, smell). Those are incredibly delicate abilities that took eons to evolve in humans. A skin graft would be just a single sense of touch, not all five.

How It Works: A Face Transplant

The most common injuries that result in such severe facial injuries, that will require face transplants, include car accidents, fires or being physically attacked.